July 25, 2009

No fear, no fences, no reins.

So, how does a young 18-year-old girl like me, get the outrageous idea in her head about starting a blog? That's a good question. And for a question like that, I'm pretty sure that I have a legitimate enough answer:

As I was browsing through numerous blogs on the internet the other day, it got me thinking: Wow, blogging about your personal life is actually pretty risky business. I mean, think about it! By keeping a blog, you're pretty much opening up a window to your soul for the whole world to see. And it's not just the people living 3000 miles away from you who are reading it, it's your next-door neighbor. It's your ex-boyfriend. It's that dude in high school who you were ALWAYS in the same class as, yet you never spoke a word to each other. It's that little girl who always sees you with your big posse of friends and desperately wonders what makes you "so cool". It's that guy you met at camp who's seriously crushing on you. It's your sister. And dare I say it, it's your mom! So what I'm trying to say here, is that anyone, and I mean anyone can read your blog. It's a huge statement of vulnerability, and for some reason, that attracts me. The thought of expressing my deepest feelings and concerns to anyone and everyone out there, in writing form, intrigued me. It's a huge challenge, and a huge leap of faith to let someone who's not even your best friend, into your head and pick apart the way you think.

Since my number one career goal is to become a writer, I figure that having this blog would be a good idea. Writing anything, from books to magazine articles to songs, play a HUGE part in vulnerability. I mean, wouldn't you agree that when Taylor Swift wrote, "Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see...", that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve? And wouldn't you agree that when Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight, she was inspired enough by her own thoughts, feelings, and emotions to create the intense love story between Edward and Bella? That's what I wanna do! I want to be adventurous enough with my own thoughts and be able to write something truly amazing, just simply based on my personal experiences and stories. I believe that the only way to do that is to not hold anything back, and to just write exactly what you're feeling. Like, who cares who's going to read it? Who cares what they'll think? All that really matters --(insert cheesy/inspirational line here)--> is that you're being true to yourself. So if I'm going to fulfill this dream of being confident and "naked" with my thoughts one day, then why not start right now with a blog?

Hmm...sounds good to me.

July 23, 2009

To Prove Why I'm Weird...

I'm having one of those "I feel like being creative with my thoughts" kind of days, so I decided to make a list, a list of reasons why I'm probably the weirdest human being you've ever come across in your entire life. So, here we go:

I am addicted to chewing ice. Yes, it's probably the most annoying sound in the world, but STILL, there's something about it that's just so satisfying.

I love waking up in the morning to dark and rainy skies. It's so relaxing.

When I find a music album that I like, I'll play it over and over again until I get sick of it, which is about a month later.

I absolutely cannot eat tomatoes. The texture is enough to make me cringe. eek!

I go to the movie theatre at least once a week. It's practically my second home.

I am addicted to facebook. Sad, I know.

I've never had an alcoholic drink that I didn't like. Whoops?

I love watching movies by myself. It's the only time I'll let my self cry.

My biggest dream is to write a book, and yet, I don't read as much as I should. In fact, I practically never read! What does this mean?!

I love working out. I love it so much that I do it for a week straight, then I rest for about a month or so.

I'm a small town country girl, but I can totally see myself living the city life in the future.

I am a HOPELESS romantic. I dream up enough love stories and "prince charmings" to only leave myself disappointed in the real world. Sighhhh...

I do not drink soda. Never ever.

I cannot get sick of these 3 movies: "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", "The Wedding Planner", and "A Walk to Remember". Talk about the ultimate chick flick selection!

I feel ugly without makeup on.

I didn't enjoy high school that much. So I'm pretty confident in saying that University will be the life for me!

I hate sleeping in. I feel like I'm wasting so much precious time when I do.

When somebody is mad at me, I will feel physically sick. Like, I'll want to throw up. My conscience is WAY too heavy.

My ultimate weakness is being too nice, and alot of people seem to take advantage of that. So believe me, I'm working on it!

I love watching the Disney channel. Oh man, nothing beats Hannah Montana after an episode of That's So Raven. It definitely brings out the pre-teen in me.

Despite how independent I may appear, I do want to settle down and get married one day, and I do want to have kids, well...maybe...one or two. But believe it or not, it's definitely one of my goals in life.

And there you have it, folks! My shortened list of reasons to prove why I'm weird. And when I say shortened, I mean shortened! ;)

Summer Nights <3

Will you talk to the person you like on the phone tonight?

I don’t like anyone, therefore, I will not.

Ever had a near death experience?

A lot actually! Most of them had to do with a fourwheeler…

Where’s your cell phone?

Beside me.

What is the last thing you thought about?

The twisting knots of my empty stomach.

Do you regret anything?

Yeah, I don’t believe in the whole “live your life with no regrets” thing, because there’s always something you wished never would have happened. I’m human enough to admit that I have a lot of regrets.

If you found out you were pregnant who would you tell?

Everyone! Haha, cause they’d have to find out sooner or later.

What are you going to do this weekend?

Seeing The Ugly Truth with Lisa, going dancing, and hitting up the beach hopefully.

When was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?

Today, thank goodness. :)

Do you prefer revenge or just pure jealousy/envy?

Ew, I prefer neither! They both make you feel horrible inside.

Who would you like your next “fling” to be with?

Flings are for the insecure.

Would you curse in front of your parents?

Most definitely NOT.

What kind of camera do you have?

Canon ELPH, Rockstar Red.

Would you rather go to a party or out of town?

Hmm…how about a party out of town? Hehe

Are you slowly drifting away from someone close?

Yeah, it happens. It’s life.

When was the last time you held someone’s hand?

A few weeks ago :)

Who can you tell everything to?

Kayla and Kristina.

Can you play guitar hero?

Play it? Yes. Play it well? Not so much…

is any part of your body sore?

Sadly no. I need to work out!

Missing someone right now?

I’m always missin’ someone.

is there someone on your mind that shouldn’t be?


Do you like your phone?

It’s legit. I really really want to get a new one though. Either a Blackberry, or an IPhone.

Last alcohol beverage?

I believe it was a Cranberry & Vodka drink.

Have you ever slept in a bed with the opposite sex?

Not in a bed, it was on a floor. Haha.

Have any of your best friends ever back-stabbed you?

No, because I know how to choose my friends.

If you had to move in with a friend, which one would you pick?

KAYLA. Ahh that would be so fun!

What’s the seventh text message in your inbox say?

“6:30 or so…”

When is your next road trip?

It might be next week to Virginia, but I don’t know for sure.

Met anyone new in the past week?

Yes! A few new people actually. I love it!

Who was the last person to go to the movies with you?

Andre, Byron, and Kristina.

Are you currently fighting with someone?

I’m a lover, not a fighter. <3

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?

It’s been awhile, and that makes me sad. Cause having butterflies is probably the best feeling in the whole world.

Who/What would you like to see right now?

I would like to see a very good-looking man kneeling outside my bedroom window, serenading, while holding out a bouquet of white roses for me.

Are you mad at someone right now?

I think it’s safe to say that I’m over it.

What’s the nicest text in your inbox say?

“We love you more. We just want you to be happy.”

Do you mainly use your house phone or your cell phone?

My cell phone! I never answer the house phone, haha.

Is there an empty place in your heart?

There is.

Do you count down the days till anything?

Not literally, but I’m counting the weeks until University! (Less than 6 weeks!!)

Are you looking forward to something as of right now?

Moving to BC and making the most incredible memories.

Have you ever been called a tease?

Haha, I think so.

What are your chances of getting with your crush?

Zerooo, because the crush is non-existent!

What is the farthest you’ve traveled with a friend?

The Caribbean.

Are any of your friends so close that you consider them family?

Haha the funny this is that most of my friends are my family.

Anyone told you a secret this week?


Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

I always turn it off while I’m sleeping, and I feel like I’m the only one in the world who does that!

Do you hate anyone?

Definitely not.

Last time you wore the opposite sex’s clothing?

A couple of months ago…

What do you want in your life right now?

New places, new faces, and more sunshine, laughter, and faith.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you were going to cry?

I can’t remember.

Do you trust people easily?

Much, much too easily. I’m working on this…

What were you doing at 9pm Friday night?

Last Friday at that time I was at the Horse Races! It was awesome.

July 21, 2009

these lyrics are what I need most right now.

You find your faith has been lost and shaken

You take back what's been taken
Get on your knees and dig down deep
You can do what you think is impossible
Keep on believing, don't give in
It'll come and make you whole again
It always will, it always does
Love is unstoppable