June 10, 2015

5 Years Ago.

I took this photo in the car the other day while I was waiting for Jarryd to finish up his meeting, because what else do you do with your extra time than take a selfie, right? (Bless my heart...)

After I took the photo, I of course inspected it...
Where did all of these eye wrinkles come from?!

I didn't have those 5 years ago.... (perhaps I should stay outta the sun?)

Things are so different now than they were 5 years ago. I mean, isn't it incredible how much things can change in only half a decade?

According to my "On This Day" app on Facebook...this was exactly 5 years ago:

(Only one comment and one like? How embarrassing...)

5 years ago, I had just completed one year at Trinity Western University in BC, was about to leave on my trip to Israel, and had applied to go to school in Germany in the fall. I can't even imagine having so many exciting plans right now, at 24 years old.

And so when I look at who I was back then, and who I am now, I feel as though I have lost myself somewhere in between.

I'm no longer that care-free bleach "blondie" who's constantly hopping on a plane to who knows where or whose schedule is booked solid with social events and hangouts.

My hair is reverting to its natural "mousey" brown color, and sprouting random whitish-grey hairs. (I was wondering when that'd start happening...). Thanks to my finances, I'm completely tied down from leaving this country. These feet won't be stepping on a plane anytime soon from now (let's give it a few months though). My evenings consist of cooking, baking, and watching Netflix while consuming almost everything I've cooked and baked that day...alone.

I no longer have those dreams of taking off to the big city, pinning down a hustley-bustley career, and seeing the streetlights through my apartment window at night. I'm not that girl anymore.

But maybe it's less of me losing myself or my personality, than it is the plain and simple act of: growing up!

When I think about it, I really am a grown up now.

I have planned a wedding (and survived it), educated myself on US Visas, I know what a shared-secure loan is, I'm working on building my credit, I know how to resist the temptation of buying into every single coffee-stop craving, I know to ask questions like "is your apartment heated with gas or electricity? There's a huge difference.", I've almost been married for a year (I'm practically an expert on the male brain...), I have a concept of money (I know an overpriced blueberry from a reasonably priced blueberry), aaaaand I sing extra loud in church when they finally decide to play a hymn.

5 years ago, I didn't even know that half of those things existed, and if I did, it was something I cared very little for. 5 years ago life was about traveling with friends, hopelessly pining after boys, and spending way too much money on clothes.

Today, life is about making plans with my hubby, working hard for every dollar, saving money (or trying to save money), seeking wisdom, and striving to find God's will for my life. Trying to be a good wife, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend...someone whom my friends and family can be proud of!

The other day I listened to some old Taylor Swift albums, and she will always, always, always remind me of the girl I used to be. The reminiscing doesn't make me sad though, because I really like how things turned out for me. I love who I chose to be my prince-charming, I love the places that God has taken me, and I love this feeling of maturity and actually desiring maturity.

Well...maturity is a strong word. Truthfully, I am still that goofy and overly-sensitive 12 year old girl at heart who loves sappy Nicholas Sparks books and Taylor Swift break-up songs. :)
The bulletin board in my university dorm room, 5 years ago.


  1. I was thinking about the same thing the other day. But about me, not you. Traveling is easier to accomplish when you're single. You only have to buy one ticket, a single bed is okay to sleep in, and sometimes bread and cheese for a meal is good enough to get you through the day. I like to remember those days, but I also like that I'll never have to travel alone again. I have the best companion to explore with. Even though it does happen less than it used to, building a life with another person is way better than being alone on the other side of the world.

    1. Krissy, that is so very true. I honestly wouldn't trade being married for anything!! P.S- I think you should start a blog. I will be your faithful follower. <3

  2. Growing up hey? I could relate to so much of this blog - thank you for the relateable words. They made me smile :) Except I think I still spend too much on clothes and I still find myself being that ditsy blonde (I left the vehicle running for 19 hours - yeah....). BUT I did reuse a tea bag the other day, so I guess you could say I am kind of growing up.

    1. You left your vehicle running for 19 hours?!?!? How does that even happen!!
      We've come so far, Kayla, so far indeed.

  3. That wagon picture at the bottom just beside your binders, wasn't that taken just before you rolled over my hand? hahaha

    1. Roll over your hand? I would never do such a thing. Hee hee hee ^.^