June 6, 2015

Mobile Blogging

Dear friends, It is currently my break at work, and I'm sitting on a bench out by the water. It is magical! And I gotta get my daily dose of Vitamin D, you know?
I'm also writing this from my phone, which is truly weird. I don't like it all that much...

I apologize for the lack of blogging! The truth, is that my MacBook battery passed away almost 2 weeks ago and blogging from my husbands ancient Toshiba laptop just didn't cut it for me. So yesterday I took a visit to the Apple Store and $79 later, got myself a charger. I know I know, it's a little pricey, perhaps I got ripped off, but I was desperate! The guy helping me even cleaned up some Adware from my laptop. Also, Delaware has no sales taxes, soooo yippee!!!

Time to return to work! I promise to blog soon-ish :)


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