August 11, 2010


Last night I went to bed in depressed mood. Thus, making it difficult to fall asleep at a decent hour.
This lethargic and hopeless state of mind carried on through the night and into the morning. The last thing I felt like doing was going to work. I imagined in my mind what it would be like if I skipped work without any notice. I was granted visions of me, a sluggish ten-pounds gained mess, glued to the couch watching no-good-for-you tv shows like Pretty Little Liars and listening to despairingly sad music and eating mountains of artisan-cheese flavoured rice crackers while my boss and fellow co-workers are in an angry frenzy at work.
Yep, this vision did it for me. There was NO way I would EVER even CONSIDER skipping work EVER again. *shudder*
Twenty minutes before I planned to leave for work, I stepped in front of my full-length mirror. Sighhhhhhh. I didn't approve of what I saw staring back at me; my hair pulled back in a messy bun, a blank slate for a face, and dressed dark, as if I were about to attend a funeral. Great. I'm gonna be mistaken for a train-wreck when I get to work. Can't wait!
And then ...I blinked.
Without a thought in the world, I cranked up the bass on my speakers. I tore off my black top and exchanged it for a bright baby pink t-shirt. I buttoned on my American Eagle skinny jeans and smoothed my hair back into a girly high pony tail. I shimmered my cheek bones with bronzer and coated my lashes with dramatizing mascara. I slipped in my favorite pair of dangly earrings and smothered on the lip gloss. Before practically skipping out the door, I gave myself a deadly stare in the mirror. Now, YOU are lookin' good.
It was a weird moment. In the span of one second I went from "I am an ugly old rag." to "I love life!!!!" I always knew I was somethin' short of bi-polar!
I was so proud of myself. This morning I could have chosen to have a lousy day at work. I could have gone to work wearing black and tried to convince the world that I am a big piece of nothing, but instead, I chose to make this day wonderful. And that's exactly how it turned out! Work was great, people were great, and my mind-set was great.
So, here's to my bi-polar tendencies and to having a (hopefully) blissful sleep. :)


  1. That is so awesome. And also a lesson too few people learn. You can choose your mood. You can choose to wallow in self pity or you can choose to do something about it and live outside of yourself! You go girl!!!

    totally random question... what is the most money someone has ever spent at the dollar store!?? Me and mel were talking about it the other day and giggling. :D

  2. Honestly, this couple once came up to the till with 5 cart loads OVERFLOWING. It came to over $400. It was insaaaaaaaaane!!!