August 10, 2010

Highlight of My Day?

Me: "Mom, you'd better be very specific of which bags go to the thrift store and which bags don't go to the thrift store, because I am known to do some pretty stupid things."
Ten minutes later I back the car out of the garage. I not only miss the pavement and drive onto the lawn, but I drive over two solar lanterns, creating a glass ...EXPLOSION.
Do I really need to say it again? "I am known to do some pretty stupid things."
I once again thank God for blessing me with two patient and very forgiving parents. :)

While I was skyping with a good friend the other day, together we watched a video from the Mars Hill Church titled "Marriage and Men". So if you're a guy wanting some guidance on how to live your life a little better or how to treat your woman a little better, this is a great video for you! (Although, I'm pretty sure I lost all of my male readers after that blog entry I wrote a few days ago) And if you're a single girl like me, this video might help you raise your standards, just a little, in regards to finding a future mate. (it also made me realize how ready I am to NOT get married. Haha!

If you watch it, then ...great! If you don't...then that's OK too. But don't say I didn't opportune you!
Anyway, Chinese takeout is calling my name. Caio!


  1. hahaha Jenni! I laughed out loud about your solar lantern explosion!!!! You should have at least mentioned mowing over the bright florescent pink extension cord twice! Or was it three times...
    anyway, I still love you! :D