July 21, 2010


Lately I feel as if I'm just waiting...for something.
Something, some event, some crisis, some opportunity, or someone...what I'm waiting for, I couldn't tell you; I could never tell you.
It's one thing to wait, but then to not know what you're waiting for is even more frustrating.
But I don't know, counting the scuff marks in the ceiling isn't as bad as it sounds.

And waiting never hurt anybody.

Nobody's ever died from waiting, right?

Take a heavy stone rolling pin to a bag of Smarties and dish out some vanilla ice cream, and voila. (what is this, some kind of culinary delicacies blog?)


  1. hahaha, when you started talking about smarties I was so confused because that picture looked like some kind of pasta dish to me with melted cheese on the top! Who eats smarties with their pasta... seriously!?!?!! :P

  2. Elena, I thought the same thing!! I was so confused! (ok, i still am...)

  3. don't smarties come in a box?