July 22, 2010


I am sick. My nose is a leaky faucet, and my brain feels to be about the same mass as Texas itself. Oh, and did I mention that I CAN'T STOP COUGHiNG?! I'm tellin' you, I'm going to have a serious six pack on my abs after this is all over.

Don't worry though, I'm OK. I'm just dumbfounded, since I was already sick with this two weeks ago. I honestly didn't think the "common cold" could boomerang so quickly back to me.
Until yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to work today! But alas, the schedule changed, thank goodness. Working 8 hours feeling like THIS would have been awful; I'd be sneezing all over everybody's purchases. "Receipt with you, or *COUGHHGHGHH* in the bag?" Haha, there are no exaggerations here, folks.

Work is scheduled for tomorrow bright and early, so today I came up with the perfect remedy to cure this dirty sickness:

I began my day at 7:30 AM. (This is definitely unintentional, seeing as I would've loved to sleep longer than five hours). The dark clouds outside were screaming rain, and I felt it couldn't be suited any better. (I have this weird thing where I love waking up to dark and rainy skies...) With my head pounding, I poured myself a cup of water, a cup of skim milk, and a cup of hot green tea, and made my way to the TV downstairs. Here, I shot wads of kleenex all around the garbage can, never actually inside the garbage can. I also cozied up and watched an old VHS flick called Sabrina. For the first few seconds I didn't know how to operate a VHS cassette...I felt kind of lost, but then it all clicked back to me, eventually. It was definitely weird fast-forwarding straight through the previews until "Feature Presentation" showed up on the screen. Anyway, Sabrina is a great movie, but you can only handle so much of Harrison Ford before falling asleep. Which is what I, involuntarily, did.

Feeling a little better (not) after taking my second nap of my whole entire life, I drove twenty minutes in the pouring rain to run some errands for my Mum. I ended up coming home with a Delissio deluxe pizza, 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Pudding cups, DayQuil, NiQuil, a bag of BBQ chips, a carton of skim milk, a carton of 2% milk, and 3 movies: Fame, High School Musical 3, and I Love You Man.

And as The Black Eyed Peas like to repeat 4 times in the chorus, tonight's gonna be a good night. There's nothing like junk food to cure a nasty sickness, right? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Don't forget to cough into your elbow! Hands are so last year.

Oh shoot...I think I just burnt the pizza.


  1. Alas, I can't seem to get my elbow near my mouth...I'm so l a s t year.

  2. i'm surprised you didn't call in sick.