July 20, 2010


Tonight I made pancakes for the very first time in my life! (with the wisdom and guidance of dear Mum) And they turned out pretty darn good.

So I think that one day when I'm a Mom (wishful thinking?), I'm gonna make pancakes for my kids EVERY morning. Every morning, I tell you!!

Heck, when I move out, I'm gonna start making pancakes every morning for myself! Sounds good.

I also created a list of goals that I want to accomplish before the summer is over (the end of my summer being...September 22) and one of them is to take at least one photo every day and then post it on my blog. A photo of something memorable, quirky...a reflection of a great day, a terrible day...a photo that just screams "Me"...the highlight of my day, a moment in time that changed me... So on that note, here are some pretty good lookin' pancakes:


  1. YUM! Those pancakes look amazing Jenni! Way to go!!! Maybe you have those motherly instincts afterall!!! Who knew!! haha! LOL! Love you!

  2. Those pancakes look great!!! And one day, you can be a lazy mom like me where you make a double batch of pancakes one morning, freeze the rest and then warm them up in the toaster for your kids for breakfast for the rest of the week... All they'll remember when they grow up is that their amazing mom made pancakes every morning for breakfast when they were kids... ;)

  3. did you make me a baby pancake?