July 13, 2010


As we all know, I have been musically deprived this past few months. I no longer own a piano, and I never thought I'd miss it as much as I have lately. I mean, when I was younger I used to cry wet tears all over the keys because I hated playing it so much. And now, I only cry wet tears because I miss it so much. It's true what they say, you know: you don't know what you have until it's gone.

So tonight I decided to do something about it. I dusted off my guitar. And now, two hours later, I feel...better. At least, I think I feel better. My heart actually feels kind of ...stretched; maybe I should start playing happier and more uplifting tunes? I don't know, I seem to drift toward the sad songs. They're slow, they strum easily, and they're beautiful. I played (and sang) "Love Your Memory" more times than I could count.

I hadn't touched my guitar since my last guitar lesson about a year ago. But after tonight, I think I'm gonna keep playing it. I need something to musically challenge me more than just the ON button of my laptop speakers.

That photo actually turned out very emo-looking. Great...and with that, I wish you a wonderful night!


  1. I'm sorry for stealing your piano!!! It has served us well!!!!!!!!

  2. Love this pic. I would love to learn to play the guitar. It's such a beautiful sound.

  3. you and Cody should jam sometime. ;)