July 14, 2010

Coiled Thoughts.

What if every thought we had, sailed out from our ears, and was scripted on a long, thin strip of paper, going on, and on, and on...?

What if this paper coiled around our bodies, right-side-up? Our thoughts a scribbled mess for the world to see; an open book, a heart on our sleeve...the cold, hard & painful truth.

What if the ink on this paper never faded? What if this paper never tore? What if every time we looked in the mirror, a coiled mess with two holes for eyes was all we'd see?

If our every thought was preserved on this ribbon, would we ever "think" the same again?

Think about this one ...but don't think too hard.

1 comment:

  1. the one they always used in bible school was what if all your thoughts were displayed on a video screen floating above your head. that wouldn't be so good, especially if you didn't like someone. but then again, if everyones thoughts were on display, people would probably be more forgiving of each other and they'd realize we're all the same.