April 5, 2010


I just finished watching "The Last Song", a movie based on the Nicholas Sparks' book. And of course I bawled my eyes out. Apparently I'm the biggest sap ever. I NEVER used to cry during movies at the theatre, because I couldn't cry in front of people, but now I just let it all out. When did I become so emotional?

Every Nicholas Sparks movie just gets me: a Walk to Remember, Dear John, The Notebook, and now this one, The Last Song. Wow...
And the thing is that I don't cry during the love scenes, or about the relationship between the guy and the girl. I cry about the father with autism, the death that cancer brings, or when the son cries out of arguing with his sister.

Nicholas Sparks is such an amazing writer. His stories are just so real. I'm definitely adding all of his books to my summer reading list. I can't wait 'till summer. Honestly, after a long day at work, all I'm gonna do is read and watch movies. I cannot wait. I'm so tired of homework these days. I now know why University semesters only last a total of four months. I don't know how anybody could possibly take any more stress than this!

The house I'm in right now sits on a hillside, with an incredible view of farmland and snow-capped mountains. What's also in sight is the Trans-Canada Highway. I like to stare mindlessly at it, at the cars gliding along while passing the ever-so-intimidating semi trucks beside them. I like the contrast of the approaching yellow headlights with the vanishing vivid red tail-lights. I realized just now why I like this highway so much. It's because I know that as long as I stay within the lines, that highway will take me home, eventually. It's sort of a revelation to me; to suddenly realize that what's connecting me to home is simply, a long and winding road. How could I possibly feel lost when all I need to do is head east?

My favorite picture I took at the amazing John Mayer concert:


  1. I've heard that movie is a major tear jerker! Haven't seen it yet. Love the photo from the concert! Did you take that??? You might have missed your calling... I guess you're home for summer break soon? Good luck with your final assignments and exams! This time of year is crazy for you college kids... ;)

  2. I used to think that too when i was at college, that all I had to do was get on this road and it would take me all the way home! It's comforting eh?

    Awesome picture!!!!

    I love you!

    PS: by the way, you're not the only one who is a blubbering fool when it comes to sappy movies/books. I weep and weep and feel so embarassed! Remember when we went to see Dreamer?!?!! hahaha!!! You were so calm and collected, and I could barely squeak out "it's so beautiful"... haha! We should watch a sappy movie together so we can weep unashamedly!!

  3. Why yes I did take that photo!! It turned out really well I thought :) Thanks! Oh and thanks for the good luck wishes, I definitely need. These next few weeks are CRAZY. <3

    Lena I was actually going to include in my entry how I used to make fun of my sister for always being so emotional during movies, but I forgot to!! Haha, oh wells. We need to watch Dreamer again!!! Maybe I'll like it this time, now that I'm more mature. ;)