April 7, 2010

Random Thoughts.

Tonight is a "random thought" kind of night, as is this blog entry...so here goes:

I've come to realize that contexts' can be very powerful. What do I mean by this? Well, if you ever want to get into a super deep conversation with me, just pull me into a hot tub. That's all you gotta do. After spending countless hours in my roommates' hot tub over the past few months, it's just what I've been noticing. A hot tub is like a warm, safe space. There's something about the cool outdoor air intertwining with the chlorine-infested fumes that just make trusting the person you're in there with, inevitable. (By the way, do not use this newfound knowledge to take advantage of me) Anyway, my roommate and I have the best talks in there. But who are we kidding? We have the best talks anywhere. I also don't like announcing her as my "roommate", because it just doesn't do her any justice, at all. She's so much more than someone I simply share a room with. I NEED to change the subject before I get all sappy, (she's totally gonna read this, haha). But in conclusion: I love her, soooo very much, and a mere blog entry could never describe how much I care about her!

So, I went to the art gallery today. It was definitely a let down. I mean, usually I'm pretty open minded to art and all it's glory, but this was just terrible. Everything was either too abstract, too amateur, or disgusting (I'd rather not see what a corpse' bodily fluids look like when sprinkled upon glass.) I want REAL art. I want to go to Italy and see the gaze up at the Sistine Chapel, or spend countless hours at the Louvre in France. Yes, I'm officially adding that to my To-Do list.

So, these next two weeks are going to be INSANE. Last night, amidst its deep and dark hours, I calculated that I have total of 13 assignments to complete in 9 days. (!!!) It's not like I've been slacking off or anything, it's just that all six of my classes seem to prefer to give out alot of homework at the same time. At first after I figured out the cruel 13:9 assignment ratio, I just couldn't comprehend it; I was like, "oh! This is my cue to die." UNTIL, I realized that I don't just have 9 days, in fact, I have 10 nights. I have 9 whole days and 10 whole nights to complete these assignments. Who needs sleep when you can just stay up late doing homework and writing blog entries?? NOT ME. Last night was the first night of my homework binge. I stayed up until 3 AM, and I even made my roomie change my facebook password so that I have zero access to it until these 9 days and 10 nights are over. Quite the strategy I have going on here, eh? And as for tonight, I'm planning on staying up as late as I need to in order to get some homework done. I am strong. I am motivated. And I am also thankful for chai tea lattes. By the time May rolls around, I know I'm going to be sick as a dog; I'm not naive when it comes to the consequences of enforced-insomnia. I'm also going to be fat. "I just don't have time to work out!!!" says the one who just watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls. Oh well, I'm still eating my vegetables, and taking my vitamins. It's gonna be rough folks, but my GPA will thank me for it! (hopefully)

Anyway, it's already 12:30 AM, so I'd better get started on homework. Here are some photos from the weekend:


  1. I love that your friend changed your facebook password for you!!! That is AWESOME!!! What a great idea!!! I hope you get your work done!!! I believe in you!!!

    Oh, and those cupcakes... send me one... right now!!!!!!!

    Can you believe your first year is almost done!?!?!? Crazy!!!

  2. tell Char-wee Happy Birthday from me!!!

  3. Someone said if you take the "text" out of "context", all you're left with is a "con".

    Just something random.... love you.