February 10, 2010


Tonight, I spent 3 1/2 hours in my room. By myself? No, not at all.
At different times there would be girls coming in, one after the other. Some arriving, some leaving. And you know what's so great about that little fine fact?
We all had our own stories. We spoke, we listened, our hearts became filled, and then our hearts emptied: pouring onto each other.
Never have I witnessed or felt so much encouragement in my life. Sitting here now, I feel so blessed, so close, so loved.
It's truly... amazing.
I'm saying the words I want to say; everything that's on my heart is never hesitantly said. Nothing's hidden. Vulnerability is vital, and trust is evident.
With all of this said, I'm confident that this is the life God's intended for me to live. This is all in the story he has written for me, a story that I'm not afraid to tell, and a story that I'm excited to keep on living.
Therefore, a lacking amount of homework has been done today. But what's homework compared to the joy in counting your blessings? :)

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