February 5, 2010

Dear Dale,
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I can't believe you'd be 21 years old!
I wonder what you'd be doing right now... probably playing on the NHL or something cool like that.
And you'd probably be married to the most amazing woman. I know 21 is a little young to be married, but you most likely had more than enough girls lined up at your door not to be married by now.
And as for me, I'd probably be dating one of your best friends, cause that's just what little sisters do.
It's been 15 years without you, but 5475 days with you in my thoughts.
Happy birthday big brother,
I'll be seeing you.
Love Jenny.

1 comment:

  1. I like this. I was remembering him too. It made me sad, because I don't remember things very much. I remember that he had crazy hair like Alora has... and he had the biggest eyes ever! Even bigger than Krissi's!!! But the little every day memories, those are mostly gone! Do you remember a lot about him?