February 11, 2010


Valentines Day is coming up. And usually I feel pretty apathetic to the whole idea, the same way I feel about New Years Eve; I've never had a good Valentines Day. I've been alive for over 19 years, and I haven't even had one decent Day of Love. How ridiculous is that? Most of my Valentines Days have consisted of me sitting at home with my parents, having no one special to share my chocolate hearts with, while all of my "not-so-single" friends are being shmoozed and pampered by their significant others.

Tell me this: why is it always the girl who is enchanted by fairytale love stories and gets instant butterflies from every romantic movie ever created, who's also the one who's Valentines Day is nothing short of an empty black hole? It's kind of like the saying, "always a bridesmaid, never the bride."

BUT, this year, I'm actually excited! There are so many great events planned with so many great people. Baking sugar cookies, cutting them into hearts, stars, and cupid's arrows, icing the cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles, sleepovers, seeing the movie "Valentines Day", and one more thing... It's absolutely crazy, and it's never been done before (by me)... I'm going on a blind date!! CRAZY!

Ohhh the perks of university life. ;)


  1. haha I was totally there when you found out you had a secret admirer. and you also said you were going to blog about it. I always have the most fun on Valentines Day.. but this year, I don't think it will be as exciting. :(

  2. Have a great blind date!! Just have a blast and enjoy the moment! :)