February 3, 2010


Lately there's been one question running through my mind; possessing me, conflicting me.
With every decision I make, how do I know if I'm honoring God's will? How do I know if I'm making the right decision?
In all honesty, I have so many opportunities coming this year, so many different things I could be doing by summer and into fall, and I don't know what to do...
The thought of putting my future in God's hands will definitely take a load of stress off me, knowing that he's guiding me every step of the way, but at the same time I can't seem to decipher God's voice from my own thoughts. My impatience is getting the best of me. I feel like time's running out, and I feel like I'm in desperate need of an answer right now.
I just don't want to make a mistake, choose the wrong path, or make the wrong decision. My over-dramatic side is telling me that these decisions will effect the direction of the rest of my life, like there's no turning back.
I'm afraid that whatever I do decide to do, regret will come easily. I'm afraid that I'll always be wondering what my life could've been if I had done this, or if I would've have taken that path instead.
And that's not what I want, I don't want to regret any of these future decisions.
This feels like a repeat of last year; I was scared to death about leaving to go to school three provinces away. But you know what? I can't even explain how glad I am that I did it. I feel like I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be, where I'm supposed to be, and with the people I'm supposed to be with, and that's comforting.
Maybe that's something I need to remember... God always has a way of making things turn out, somehow.


  1. Don't be too stressed about it. Someone once told me that no matter what you choose, it will be a part of God's will. He is God after all, and He can use anything you choose. so don't fret. you little over dramatic girl.

  2. I've felt that way before too, and trust me, the worst thing you can do is not decide. By not deciding, you are living passively and are letting life run it's course... You have the wonderful opportunity right now (and blessing) to decide where you want to go from here. Choose something and go for it!! You are young and have got time on your side. If you decide a year from now that you want to go into hairdressing, you can do that! But whatever you do, do it whole heartedly and you will have no regrets!