February 17, 2016

My Future Children.

With all of my friends and family pregnant or already with children, I can't help but think about the prospect of having kids myself one day. I am sure that every stage of childhood is beautiful, but from the perspective of a total outsider who has zero children right now whatsoever, I NAIVELY predict that my years with children will look something like this:

  • Pregnancy: this stage is going to be awesome. Both of my sisters had great pregnancies, so the future is looking good for me. Also, pregnant women are so beautiful {there's nothing like a pregnant woman waddle}. Not to mention. Jarryd promised he is going to pamper me so I have "living like a queen" to look forward to. Who doesn't enjoy having a palm branch waving in their face? Also, let's not forget about the baby showers! Hopefully my friends and family have good taste in onesies and sippy cups (I'd like the Starbucks one, please).
  • 0-2 first years: let's fast forward through all of this...I know it's a whole lotta eating, puking, sleeping, not sleeping, pooping, and constipation. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. You can stay at Oma and Opas for awhile. ;)
  • Ages 3-4: These are the adorable years. I've met plenty of 4 year olds in my day, and I love to see their little personalities just shine! It's ok that we sing and dance to Taylor Swift music together, right? And yes, I'm signing you up for either hockey or soccer and you're are going to look SO cute running/skating because obviously you'll be blessed with your father's athletic abilities and hopefully not mine!!
  • Kindergarten: YAY! I'm so excited to walk you down the driveway to the big yellow school bus! I know, I know, you're gonna miss me like crazy, but I'll be just fine at home {freeeeedom!}...in the peace and quiet... {Unless I have 4 kids under the age of 5...}.
  • Grade 1-4: You're in a class spelling bee?! That was my favourite activity in school! Please let me live vicariously through you. Let's practice our spelling every evening for the next 4 years of your life.
  • Grade 5-6: Let me see ALL of your homework. I love homework. I'll try not to do it all for you... :D Also, I don't care what the other mom's have to say, I'm putting Gushers in your lunch box.
  • Let's skip past all of junior high. You are extremely awkward, and so am I. Two awkwards do not make a right. I'll let your father deal with you.
  • Grade 10-11: You bet I'm going to be at all your soccer/hockey games. To my sons: You're also gonna be total "momma's boys", right? Okay? ...Please? :'(
  • Grade 12! You are so beautiful/handsome and full of secrets that I think I want to know...but in reality I really don't want to know any of them. P.S- I have your Bible college all picked out for you! Bon Voyage!
  • Age 19+, this will be my absolute favourite. I have a very good/optimistic/unrealistic imagination and I can just see you bringing home the perfect future spouse for you. I'm gonna be the best mother-in-law ever. {To my son: your wife's cooking will never be as good as mine}... ;)
  • Grandchildren! Yes. I'd like to be called Oma and Jarryd, Opa. We shall spoil you like crazy and leave all the dirty work/clean up for your parents to deal with. It's called...payback! Also, I'm going to have beautiful, long, flowy gray hair like elderly Rose on Titanic. And I'm going to start every wise old story with "when I was your age..."
My naive optimism is adorable, isn't it? I am loving my future children already. I wonder what my Mom will say when she reads this...

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  1. That's way too far into the future for me. I'll stick with just trying to get through the very first night, never mind grandchildren. :D

    I'm glad you're so optimistic. There's way too much negativity surrounding motherhood/fatherhood and kids these days. Why can't people just blog how happy they are to have little babies? Never stop! And don't let the downers get you down!