February 22, 2016

My Bird Drawing.

Hey guys! Do you remember when I wrote a little blog post just RAVING about my new shower curtain? {Click HERE if you missed it} ;)
WELL...when I found the above shower curtain at Target I fell absolutely in love with it! Even to this day I'm still admiring it whilst in the bathroom taking care of...business...and have zero plans to replace it anytime soon. {Ahhhem!}
So anyways, I decided to draw it! I took a photo of the section of the shower curtain I wanted to draw, bought a box of pencil crayons and just started sketching away! By the way, I found that the best time to sketch was while football was on TV. Just saying!
And voila!
 What a fun little project this was. And even better, I actually am very pleased with how it turned out! In fact, I want to go out and get a frame {either a gold or white frame is tempting} for it so I can hang it proudly on the wall. Perhaps it will be the first piece of many artworks to come on my gallery wall. :)
What do you guys think? What should I draw next?



  1. I guess Krissi isn't the only artist in the family!!!

    1. haha its that super Froese gene. We all seem to be gifted artistically. :)

      Jen, I think you should sketch that church you snapped a picture of the other day.

    2. Elena don't forget about yourself. ;)