August 12, 2015


You guys!

I just picked up thee cutest shower curtain in the world:

Just look at it. It's the perfect blue. It has big voluptuous flowers and little birds perched on branches on it. It's insanely adorable!!! Our apartment has two bathrooms, and now I'm wishing I would have doubled-up on these so I could put one in the guest bathroom as well...oh well, I shall restrain myself.
And to those of you who are thinking "how on earth does her husband put up with such a girly-lookin' shower curtain?", WELL, I will have you know that before we moved in I asked him: "would you mind if I frilled-up our master bathroom?"
His response: "Nope".
Me: *Grin*

Also, I totally lucked-out on this gorgeous painting. I went through HomeGoods twice in one outing. The first time, I promise you this painting did not exist. The second time, it was staring me right in the face!:

Don't you just love how I chose to take a photo of it with my face covering half of the painting? :P
Originally I thought this would go perfectly in our non-windowed bathroom, to liven it up some. But it turns out I found a perfect spot for it in our main area...area. It's between the dining room and the kitchen...hmm, how do you explain that one?

I hope you enjoyed my "finds", even if they are a little on the frilly/girly side of the universal decor spectrum. I just finished taking the photos of our apartment, and I promise I will post them soon. I can't wait to show y'all our new place!! :)

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  1. I was wondering how J-rod put up with all that girly stuff. Glad you answered my thoughts. Now I'm wondering if he knew what he was getting into. haha :) love the space! I hope I get to see it soon!!