January 10, 2016

25 Year Old Me.

Hey friends! Today I write to you as a totally changed woman; I am 25 years old and therefore I must act like it. It's time to be mature.
Nah, I think I'll save that for my 30th birthday. Hee hee! (But don't hold me to it!)

25 is such a big deal for me. Although, turning 18 was an even bigger deal for me! 18 years of age meant I could go to Earl's Kitchen & Bar and order my first White Peach Bellini; it meant I could finally graduate from high school, and it meant I could start my first year of University 3 provinces away.

Being 25 and married means that I seriously need to consider having children...and then seriously decide that I am definitely not ready. Well that was easy...
What else does 25 mean to me? Time to get serious about a career? Time to go get that Baking & Pastry Arts degree I've always wanted? Time to start cleaning the shower on a regular basis? Time to truly, truly settle down?
(Wait, doesn't 25 mean that my car insurance premium drops?! Or is this just in Canada? If so, what a spectacular birthday gift!)

Truthfully, I don't know what being 25 means other than being a quarter of a century old. (Yikes!) Not to mention, everyone's 25 looks different. Some are working at their dream job. Some are definitely not working their dream job. Some have 4 kids under the age of 5. Some are contestants on the Bachelor/Bachelorette looking for their true love.

What my 25 looks like is:
Being married to Jarryd for almost 2 years! Times flies when you're havin' fun!!
Enjoying apartment living.
Never quitting my delicious bagel and cream cheese habit.
Working as a cook.
Attending a new church (yay!!) and building community (yay!!).
Making the most out of Maryland and its surrounding States.
Embracing the fact that I will probably always have to work weekends.
Traveling as much as possible!!
Blogging! I love it!
Focusing on and caring for every person that I come into contact with.
Learning more and more about food, cooking, and baking.
Keeping in touch with friends and family whom I live--too--far away from.
Watching the new Nicholas Sparks movie on February 5th, i'm counting down the days. (Just thought I'd throw this in here)...
And most importantly, being trying to be thankful in every situation, embracing the surprises for what they are: learning experiences and teachable moments. Nothing matures you better than choosing God in the hard times, right? Right.

Nothing about my 25 is incredibly significant or "out-there", but it is what makes up my little 25-year-old self. I really am very excited to see what this next year of life has in store for me. What will life be like when I turn 26? Will I still be addicted to bagels and cream cheese?!! Or is a Shakeology-a-day in my near future? (Hahaha).

The actual day of my birthday, January 9th, was a GOOD one. Well, truthfully it started out a little lame as I had to wake up at 6 am to go to work. But all of the birthday wishes I received there at work were so hilarious. Some people can't believe I am 25! Apparently I look like more of a 23 year old. ;)
And my boss even brought me a so-called "large" Vanilla Iced Coffee (In my opinion it was more like a extra-large x5), which seriously had me wired until 7 am the next morning.

And then when I got home from work Jarryd gave me flowers!!! <3 And then we had an awesome date at the Movie Tavern in Pennsylvania where we saw The Revenant. This theatre was especially great because you sit on fully-reclining seats, and waiters deliver food and drinks to you. I can't wait to go there again! Plus, the movie was so good. All I could think about was Alberta, Canada and how insanely beautiful it is...and how I'd way rather be stuffing my face with fries in this warm theatre than slicing open a horse, removing its insides, and sleeping inside of the horse. See the movie. You'll understand then.
It was a great start to my 25 years of life! Not to mention, all of the texts, Facebook posts, messages, and Facetimes from amazing friends of old and new can make a girl feel SO loved. God has blessed me beyond measure. Happy Birthday to me! <3 :)


  1. Love your clock! Where'd you get it?

    1. Hmmph.
      Is this a Mean Girls moment? "That is the ugliest clock I've ever seen"?!

    2. lol you wish! Who ever you got it from must have amazing style.

  2. Happy Birthday! I turned 25 in September and I had a lot of the same question and concerns you do. Like is it weird that I still feel 22??

    1. Hey Candace! Thank you for the birthday wish! :) I'm so glad I'm not alone in this--I honestly feel like I'm still 19 years old.