August 18, 2015

Mom & Dad.

I live in Maryland, USA, and my parents live in central Canada...and I just skyped with them for 4+ hours. Well, it was more like I skyped with both of them for 2 hours, and then my Dad went off to get his beauty sleep, which left my Mom and I to skype for the next two hours, (because us ladies need some extra time to talk about our hair, am I right?!).

I love my parents. (!!!)

I remember it being hard throughout middle to high school though; Alot of my friends had very young parents, ones who were more "in with the times", I guess you could say. My Mom had me when she was 38 years old, so yes, there is 38 years between my Mom and I, and 42 years between my Dad and I. I remember feeling like my parents were too old to understand anything I was going through, as if the generation gap between us was more of a wall than a gap.

As I grow older and older, I am feeling the "generation gap" between us get smaller and smaller. To be honest I'm not even feeling that gap anymore. The things that I once cared so much about in my "angsty adolescent" days, (boys, clothes, being skinny, and being popular), I no longer care for (except for one boy, my hubby, wink!).
And the things that my parents have always cared about since I could remember (Jesus, family, good values, hard work, and good conversation), I now care so deeply about!

I seriously love how they can make me laugh like no one else can. I also love how they are just such a typical married couple, continually poking and prodding each other with their teasing; always knowing exactly which button to push and when to push it.

I love discussing the weather with them! I love hearing them talk about their grandchildren, watching their eyes light up as they're telling the stories. I love knowing everything that is new in town or hearing them try to recall the names all of the babies that have just been born within our church family. (Not even I can remember all the names!)

I love talking about the deep stuff too, the events that happened that once were too raw to speak about or too hard for me to understand at one point. Such as my Mom's miscarriage, and how he was the size of her palm. Tonight she told me what his name would have been and it just sounded like the most beautiful name.

I love when my parents ask me the hard questions, "are you OK out there?", or "have you made any close girlfriends?".

I especially love how when I look at them, I see little hints of myself. I have my Dad's nose and smile and I have my Mom's hips. Personality-wise my Dad gave me his sense of humour and calm demeanor; and I have my Mom to thank for my school-smart-brain and my night-owl tendencies. When it all comes down to it, I just love them, and I have so much to thank them for.

What also has made this day extra special is that I booked my flight to Canada for Thanksgiving! It will be my first time back at "home" since my wedding in June of 2014. That will be a year and four months, people! A.K.A: way too long to be away from the homeland! (I do not recommend the hiatus). I am so excited to have ten whole days filled with nothing but family and best friends. :)

Yay! <3

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