July 29, 2015

Moving Day!

Hey y'all!

I am SO excited to finally be able to say this: tomorrow is moving day! Fiiiiiinally.
I have been counting down the minutes, the hours, and the days like a total crazy person.

Thankfully packing for this move has been a breeze. I think I get more stressed out packing for trips and vacations than I do for actual moves (especially when your vacation is in the spring/fall months...those darn sweaters and jackets that you don't know if you'll actually need take up way too much space).

As soon as Jarryd and I decided that we wanted to sign the lease at the end of this month, we started packing things up, taking things to the Goodwill, or throwing things out. We definitely started early on this one (which is totally unusual for us). Most of the time we are those "last minute" type of people. So I'm pretty proud of us.

It is such a busy season for us right now. I am working 40+ hours at work, Jarryd just got a promotion  at work (praise God so much!!) which means longer hours for him. We are packing, moving, and all the while dead tired. I just had my day off and I am still exhausted. I'm so excited for the busy season at work to come to an end. I love my job, but more than one day off a week would be greatly appreciated. I also can't wait to see Jarryd more!!

The tough part about this move is that tomorrow I'm working 6 am-12pm, then we're immediately going to the apartment to sign the lease and go through the orientation. Then we plan to move all of our furniture and things as quickly as we can, because Jarryd still has to go into work in the evening. Phew! I get tired just thinking about it.

It's gonna be hectic, which isn't quite how I envisioned it. In my head we'd move during the day, and after conquering the move we would celebrate by poppin' a bottle of wine, ordering pizza, and watching Netflix. Sigh, I wish. Turns out I'll be on my own with probably no internet yet. Perhaps this is what real adult life is like? Two people with two jobs living under one roof?

Oh well, I am just so thankful and grateful that we get to experience our second year of marriage in a brand new apartment!! :)

And the next time you hear from me, I'll be in my new home!! YAY!

Until next time, (or until we get internet access), cheers! <3

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