May 4, 2015

A New Chapter.

I started this blog at the end of Grade 12. 2009 was its year of birth to be exact, and it all happened when the whole concept of blogging wasn't that popular at all. In fact, I'm pretty certain I was the only one in my grade who even had a blog! I can't even tell you how many times people asked me: "You have a blog...what's a blog?".

And then...the internet exploded! Nowadays, (six years later), everyone knows what a blog is---no! Scratch that, everyone and their mom HAS a blog. It's actually pretty awesome though. I am all for the inviting of oneself into the big ole' Blogosphere. Everyone has their own goals, intentions, and desires when they click that "Create Post" button for the very first time.

I remember my original reasons for starting a blog, and well look-y here! Long ago I wrote a blog entry all about that:

"So, how does a young 18-year-old girl like me, get the outrageous idea in her head about starting a blog? That's a good question. And for a question like that, I'm pretty sure that I have a legitimate enough answer:
As I was browsing through blogs on the internet the other day, it got me thinking: Wow, blogging about your personal life is actually pretty risky business. I mean, think about it! By keeping a blog, you're pretty much opening up a window to your soul for the whole world to see. And it's not just the people living 3000 miles away from you who are reading it, it's your next-door neighbor. It's your ex-boyfriend. It's that dude in high school who you were ALWAYS in the same class as, yet you never spoke a word to each other. It's that little girl who always sees you with your big posse of friends and desperately wonders what makes you "so cool". It's that guy you met at camp who's seriously crushing on you. It's your sister. And dare I say it, it's your mom! So what I'm trying to say here, is that anyone, and I mean anyone can read your blog. It's a huge statement of vulnerability, and for some reason, that attracts me. The thought of expressing my deepest feelings and concerns to anyone and everyone out there, in writing form, intrigued me. It's a huge challenge, and a huge leap of faith to let someone who's not even your best friend, into your head and pick apart the way you think.
Since my number one career goal is to become a writer, I figure that having this blog would be a good idea. Writing anything, from books to magazine articles to songs, play a HUGE part in vulnerability. I mean, wouldn't you agree that when Taylor Swift wrote, "Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see...", that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve? And wouldn't you agree that when Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight, she was inspired enough by her own thoughts, feelings, and emotions to create the intense love story between Edward and Bella? That's what I wanna do! I want to be adventurous enough with my own thoughts and be able to write something truly amazing, just simply based on my personal experiences and stories. I believe that the only way to do that is to not hold anything back, and to just write exactly what you're feeling. Like, who cares who's going to read it? Who cares what they'll think? All that really matters --(insert cheesy/inspirational line here)--> is that you're being true to yourself. So if I'm going to fulfill this dream of being confident and 'naked' with my thoughts one day, then why not start right now with a blog?
Hmm...sounds good to me."

Wow, I really was quite the firecracker back then, wasn't I? And double wow, SO MUCH has changed. First of all, just in case you skipped over the very first sentence, I wrote that when I was 18 years old. Never ever in this 24th year of my life would I admit to the world that I read Twilight. (But that I listen to Taylor Swift? Oh, I will shout that from the rooftops!) 

Continuing, what has changed most of all would be my intentions with blogging. To sum it all up...
18-Year-Old Jennifer started a blog to: be vulnerable, brave, practice her writing skills, and express a little teenage angst (haha!).

24-Year-Old Jennifer writes in a blog to: share about her relationship with Jesus, extend prayer request & praise reports, keep friends and family who live far away updated on her life, to have a voice, write about unique experiences, share favourite recipes, practice writing skills, and be inspirational & uplifting. Because writing in a journal and keeping it shut from the world just isn't enough for me. I want my words to have some fruit to them, some meaning, some effect--in a positive way only.

One intention that hasn't changed since 6 years ago though, is that I have always wanted to "be true to myself" . I want this blog to be a mirror reflection of me. On the social spectrum, I am a little more on the shy side; I'm soft-spoken (my voice seems to completely cut out when approaching high volumes haha!) and more often than not I feel anxious in social situations. So it's not unusual for me to feel like I haven't successfully given my 2-cents. Which is why, when friends/family/random strangers tell me "hey, I love reading your blog!", I am absolutely overjoyed because my blog is me! It's a little corner on the internet where my heart is on display. :)

In conclusion, being that I am in this whole new chapter of life (marriage, living in a different country, ect!), I felt that now is a great time to give this ole' blog a makeover! Enjoy! :)

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