March 19, 2015

Today I am:

Making: this blog come to life! It needs some serious work. And my sister has been hounding me about it. :P

Cooking: Creamy Italian Sausage & Potato Soup for supper today. I've never made this before so I'm VERY excited to see the outcome!!

Drinking: Red Wine Sangria. Hee hee, you caught me. It has chia seeds in that weird?

Reading: I am about to start Reedeming Love by Francine day soon...

Wanting: to finish the "About Me" section on my blog. Why is this taking me so long?

Looking: for a job. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much luck in this area, but I'll keep searching! Don't you worry!

Playing: "Today's Country Hits" on Songza. With this warm weather these days, I am all about the country! ;)

Wasting: time, sweet time. Not gonna lie, I started playing the game Tropico 5 on my computer and it's crazy addicting. But I decided to put it away for now so that I could work on the blog!

Sewing: Sewing? I'd better break it to you now, you won't ever see me sewing. :)

Wishing: I had signed up for the ladies retreat at church this weekend. I was scared that I wasn't going to know anyone and felt weird about it, but now I wish I would have signed up! They are going to Ocean City, MD, which is somewhere I'd love to go. Maybe next year :)

Enjoying: this time that I have to myself while Jarryd is at work. It's hard to be productive when he is home when we're having so much fun together. :)

Waiting: to receive my "Advanced Parole" from United States Citizenship & Immigration Services so that I can go visit my family and friends in Canada. I cannot WAIT! (!!!)

Liking: being a Jr. Youth leader. Yesterday's meeting was probably the best one yet! I'm starting to remember everyone's names, the kids seem to be more comfortable with me, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable in general! Praise God!

Wondering: what life will look like for us within the next few months, in regards to employment. I guess we will see! :)

Loving: the new women's group I just joined at church. I'm so happy about all of the fellowship I have to look forward to, and I'm excited for all of the wisdom that our mentors are going to shed on us. :)

Hoping: that the Winnipeg Jets win tonight!!!! GO JETS GO! Game time is at 8 pm; be there!

Marveling: At how God has taken such great care of Jarryd and I. I know that He has always taken care of us, and that I should be used to it by now, but I absolutely cannot get used to it! I'm so thankful!

Needing: more time with Jesus. <3 I have neglected doing my devotions today thus far...

Smelling: my Wonderstruck perfume by the miss. Taylor Swift. Ooo la la! ;)

Wearing: Lululemon pants, a big comfy sweater, and giant fuzzy slipper booties.

Noticing: the dust on the coffee table. I swear I JUST wiped it clean the other day! Where is all this dust coming from?!

Feeling: 100 times better than I felt yesterday. Yesterday was just stressful, rough, and I was being emotional, of course. Today I am feeling hopeful and optimistic! :)

Knowing: that I am on a serious asparagus kick. Like, wow. Asparagus baked in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and parmesan, is just golden! Thank you Costco for satisfying all of my cravings in mass quantities.

Thinking: that drying racks for your wet clothes are the BEST thing you could ever buy! I mean, running a dryer is expensive, so a drying rack is definitely a top-notch investment in my books!

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