July 30, 2011

Money Money Money.

I'm drowning in a pool of regret. My bank account looks on the rather more ...pitiful side, and I blame my high school years!! All those not-even-worth-it movie tickets, eating fattening food at lame restaurants, Seventeen magazines, shopping sprees at teeny-bopper clothing stores...I wish I could take it all back!
It physically hurts me when I imagine how my bank account would be BURSTING at the seams if I just would have learned to save my money.

This summer I have been doing REALLY well, and I am tremendously proud of myself. I never spend money on food any more, instead of seeing a movie a minimum of once a week like I used to (10 bucks a movie), I see one every two months, and when I go clothes shopping (now a rare occasion), it's suddenly so easy to put things back on the shelf and walk away. And read at your own risk: I only wash my hair once every 7 days so I save so much on hair products! Woohoo!

In my own personal books, the only things worth spending money on are as follows:
a) flights & trains & hotels
b) falafels and pita's in Israel
c) white pants from France
d) tea cups from Germany
e) floral notebooks from Winners
f) Hollister jeans
g) batting cages
h) cowboy boots.

That's it!

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