July 29, 2011

The Life of an Unemployed 20-Year-Old Female;

Taking pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Bale at my very first Country Wedding!
"I'm chillin' on a dirt road.
Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones.
Smoke rollin' out the window,
An' ice cold beer sittin' in the console.
Memory lane up in the headlights,
It's got me reminiscing on them good times.
I'm turning off of real life, drivin' that's right,
I'm hittin' easy street on mud tires."
Side note: I don't smoke, nor do I drink while driving, nor do I have mud-tires. I'm no Jason Aldean. I was just simply chillin' on a dirt road...
I found a canola field!
Picked up the cutest necklace EVER at the thrift store for 25 cents! :)
I caught sight of two bananas on the counter and knew there was only one thing to do: bake some banana chocolate chip muffins!
Ballet in the park!
It 'twas windy!
I have beautiful friends. :)
Feeding the ducks some of my banana muffins...they weren't too fond of them...can't imagine why.

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