June 11, 2011


STOP it, and leave my sight, please!
You have this horrible power of making certain areas of my past better than they actually were.
...or is this just a bad case of optimism?
But nonetheless, Nostalgia, it's time for you to make your leave because you have overstayed your welcome, and I'd like to start living the present, thank you very much.

My past keep sneaking up behind me and it never ceases to drop all of its tears and regrets on me; if those things are over, and if those things are forgiven, then why does it get the best of my emotions? Sometimes I fear that these things will always haunt me...and I don't think I could handle them for the rest of my life. Dear God, I'm sorry. There are so many times when I just feel so alone in my struggles that I forget that you are here by my side. I know without a doubt that I couldn't live the rest of my life on my own. I could never find rest and peace as night and joy in the morning without your strength. Sometimes life scares me. I think of all the years ahead of me and I become insecure and fearful. God, I need you. I just need to take it a day at a time. Thank you for always holding my hand and for never forsaking me. You will never leave me and that brings me great comfort.

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