June 13, 2011


Wow, what a fabulous month June has been so far! Believe me, it has had its trials...which you have had the privilege (is that the right term?) to read about yourself. And thanks to everyone who has been reading, I have gotten a few notes of encouragement which mean alot to me. Receiving such things reminds me of the number one reason I enjoy blogging so much! It helps me grow in my walk with God and in my relationships with those who also love God. :)

The past few days have been spent...

with good friends,

heart-shaped ice cubes (thank you IKEA),

The realization that I want to start my very own teacup/china set collection,

good ole country fair fireworks,

church sunday school picnic (earning me a wicked bad sunburn),

complete with church baseball game (so much fun!),

applying for jobs,

editing videos for a Fathers Day surprise at church next Sunday,

walking and jogging in the sunshine,

reading AMAZING books written by Robin Jones Gunn,

holding my baby niece,

buying a brand new floral journal with matching stationary,

painting my pottery-piece at the ceramic studio,

watching NHL finals with my Dad,
and finally getting a hair cut so that I can now have a fresh start with growing long, healthy hair!

Alaskan cruise in t-minus 5 days! :)

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