October 10, 2010

10K Part Two

So...about that 10K race...

Oh man, I have never felt so accomplished in my life. I seriously could have ran another 10K after that, I felt so good.
Like, what an experience, running a 10K race in some little German town! Wow!
The scenery was gorgeous. We ran down cobblestone streets, weaving past little shutter-windowed houses,  in the grass, through a lovely aroma-filled meadow, I saw the tallest corn field in the world, and all the german citizens were cheering us on. At the end of the race they gave us hot tea in little plastic cups.
I recommend 10K races to EVERYONE. I officially love running.
I mean, if I can run 10K in one hour and five minutes, anyone can. :D


  1. WAY TO GO JENNI!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!
    Did you know that a 10K is like 6 miles!!! That's crazy!!!!!
    I love that they gave you hot tea at the end! Only in Europe!!! If you keep up running, you should be able to eat whatever you want in Germany and still keep that lean figure!!! After all, you're going to be a bridesmaid next year!!! :D

  2. hey!! i think that's awesome. i did a 10k run, and ran half of it, and died. :P
    are you in Germany for some sort of program?
    it sounds amazing. i would love to go there one day.

  3. Crazy!! I think I'm jealous of the scenery you saw on your 10k, but not the run itself :P