September 28, 2010

Human Beings.

So, let's just say there is life on Mars. And these...Martians...these inhabitants of Mars, just heard rumour that there are humans on this planet next door called Earth. The Martians are not only excited because human beings actually exist, they're excited because they heard that these human beings are made in the image of God. See, Martians don't know anything about God. They've heard of his name and his power, but they haven't heard details; they're desperate to know what he's like and if he really could, be the Saviour of this world. And seeing human beings is their only opportunity to know who God really is.
So, a few of these Martians set out on their UFO and head on over to planet Earth, in the hopes of running into these human beings who are made in the image of God. Their UFO lands in a city called Watts, Los Angeles. The Martians step out from their spaceship and begin scrounging the area for humans. Then finally, they find one, a human being. It's lying helpless against a brick wall on the cold pavement, surrounded by its own excrement. This human being is drenched in alcohol and drugs. Confused at this mess they see, the Martians keep looking for another human being.
They come across a TV in a strore-front's window. On this television is a news report of a human being in Baghdad, a terrorist who killed 70 other human beings, along with himself. With their confusion growing, the Martians continue their search. Down the street, they enter one of the buildings to find it filled with women who are hurting. The Martians ask, "why are these human-being women so bruised and broken? Who did this to them?" They're then told that this is a home for women who have been abused by their husbands and who needed a place to run to, so that they can be safe.
When the Martians return back to Mars, they shuffle hesitantly off the spaceship and the inhabitants of Mars are all waiting to hear the news. "What is God like?" "What does he look like?" "He must be so good; so amazing!"
Slowly, the Martians reply..."God is intoxicated of disgusting substances, God is a person who commits terrorist acts and kills innocent human beings, God is a man who beats his wife..."
This is why God created Christians. We were put on this earth so that if someone were in search of human beings in hopes to see God's character through us, they would see who God really is. They would see that God is the opposite of sin; God is love.

I rephrased this story from what I heard in our lecture last night, and I just decided to share it with you. Let's just say, it made me think.

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