September 27, 2010


So, here I am. And in case ya’ll didn’t know where here is, here is Germany. Exactly a week ago I packed my bags, hopped on a plane, and moved into my new home. I’m attending a bible college located in the southern region, along the border of Austria and Switzerland. I mean, I can literally see Switzerland, it’s right across the lake! I can almost taste its…Swiss-ness.
Anyway, when I arrived at this bible college, I was expecting there to be like thirty students at the most, and there was. Half of us rode our bikes into town and just explored the area (as if I hadn’t done that already). And suddenly when we came back for supper that evening, there were 108 of us in total. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT. I was expecting small, not huuuge. But…I guess compared to the last university I attended, population 4000, this is quite small. It’s small, but not as intimate as I was expecting. Then again, it’s only been three days. Speaking of which, these three days, feel like months. I’m not in total shock though. To bring up my university days again, I remember feeling this way last year; I felt as if I had known my friends there for years, when we had only spent a few days together. And right now, I feel like I’ve been here for months, and I’ve been best friends with these people my whole life.
What's crazy is that when I went on facebook the other day, I was expecting for EVERYTHING to be different, because like I said, I thought that months had gone by. I thought half my friends were gonna be in relationships, some were gonna be graduated from school, and others were suddenly gonna have long hair in their pictures. So when I went on, I realized that only a few days had passed, and nothing was different. Weird, I know.
And wow, there are so many names to remember and so many faces to place. You have to constantly remind yourself not to take it personally if somebody doesn’t remember your name or where you’re from, since we’re all ridin’ on the same boat here. Believe it or not, there aren't any other Jennifers here! This is great, considering my name was like one of the top baby names of the 1990's.
Last Saturday and Sunday night, a bunch of students were able to share their testimonies, and Wow... I've never seen so many grown men cry. Everyone has such beautifully tragic stories to tell, and God has worked miraculously in their lives, and you can tell that he still is. I know that my time to share my testimony will be in a week or two, I can just feel it. But I'm not really scared to do so. (I know that when the time comes, my heart will be beating straight outta my chest, but whatever).
Man, there are so many interesting people here!! Sorry about this random post, everything is just out of order and unorganized. It's only because I'm so excited. It's also because internet is only available to us in one room of the building, and seriously, I'm never on my laptop anymore. Why would I be on my laptop when I could be jumping into freezing cold lakes? Or eating extremely crazy amounts of glorious German food? Or waking up at 6 AM to participate in aerobics? Or biking to town? Or visiting castles? Or hiking mountains? Or or or or or...the list goes on. Haha. So, since internet is scarce here, I've realized that I'm gonna have to pre-write all of my blog entries before bed (somehow...) and then post them super quickly the next day or so and try not to waste any precious time. I love blogging so much, and that's the last thing I want to give up. Oh and since everyone here uses skype, the internet is SO slow, making posting pictures utterly IMPOSSIBLE. It also makes skyping a little awkward, since everything you say is in a public room, and everyone looks like one big pixel. Haha.
Oh, and did I mention I'm sharing a room with 9 other girls? Yes, this is true. But it's awesome. I love sharing rooms, I've never had a problem with it. I used to wish I had a twin sister I could share a room with. Okay...enough rambling. This is honestly the most elementary sounding blog entry I've ever written.
I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm still alive and loving life!!
Thanks for all your prayers!


  1. What? there's no wireless? i thought they changed the rules and it was all over the building? isn't there like a wireless code in the email room by the printer/phones? i saw it there when i was there a few weeks ago..

  2. Yay Jenni! I"m glad you are enjoying yourself thus far!!! I'm excited that you get to share your testimony... nothing brings people closer than the sharing of life experiences and God-Moments and discovering that you really aren't alone in your experience and that there are many people around you who have actually gone through similar things!!!! I'll be praying for you though, because I KNOW that it is super tough.
    I love you lil' Sis!!!!