September 29, 2010


One of the most exciting things happening in my life right now is this:
The past couple of days I've had a really bad cold. It's inevitable when I travel. So in the middle of the night I'll just be hackin' away (sorry to all my roomies). And so, this morning, I'm standing in the washroom, I cough once. I cough twice. And on the third time, something snaps inside of my upper left ribcage. All I could think was, "OWWW." And this pulled-muscle pain erupts in me like a volcano.
Walking hurts. Talking hurts. Breathing hurts. Eating hurts. Biking hurts. Sitting hurts. Vacuuming hurts. (in case you didn't know, my work duty is to vacuum the dining hall 3 times a day) Coughing hurts. (and this could be a problem, since I have a cold, and I can't stop myself from coughing. Ugh.)
So this morning after it first happened it was so bad. After breakfast I vacuumed, which hurt so bad, then I just lay in my bed for half an hour until lecture, in intense pain. And then I sat in lecture in intense pain. And during lecture, I tried to cough, and it hurt so bad that it didn't come out as a coughing sound at all, it was SO embarrassing.
And yeah, that is my life right now. Thank goodness for pain-killers.


  1. Oh Jenni,
    I can't do anything for you.....
    Actually I have a bad cough too.
    Dad is moving stuff over...
    I'm scrubbing carrots.
    Megan called for your phone number, I gave them 3 #'s , but apparently they didn't work. They're coming to Stuttgart....are you going to be there?
    Get well soon.

  2. hahahaha that happens to me too!! except its when i have the hiccups. that hurts so bad. you probably cracked a rib from coughing because you have brittle bones. haw haw