July 11, 2010


Today I pulled on my faded jeans,
and before walking out the door I stepped into my white runners.

Today as I walked along the dirt road I had bitter love-gone-wrong country music fillin' my ears,
Making me walk even faster, with a purpose.

Today I let the sun kiss my shoulders,
and drench itself in my long blonde hair.

Today a boy drove by on his dirt bike,
slowing as he gave me a smile and a wave, I imagined he was cute under that helmet.

Today I stopped in my dirt tracks,
and picked a yellow flower from its earthy home; kissing it hello.

Today I thought about what I wanted,
and only found my conclusion knotted in a tangled web.

Today I stumbled off the country road,
and found myself in a field of green grass and under a shield of deep blue skies.

Today I turned up the volume,
and picked up the pace until I reached its middle-of-nowhere.

Today I smelled hopes, dreams, and wishes spewing from wildflowers,
and considered returning again one day to steal one, or maybe two of these prayers.

Today I stood in its centre and pretended that I too, was rooted to its ground,
with green budding friends standing tall alongside me.

Today I imagined enchantment in this field; I saw romance,
and regretfully shut my eyes tight.

Today I realized that I have lost myself; I have been swept away in others' expectations,
and then I promised myself that I wouldn't let it happen again.

Today I listened to a sad song,
and then listened to another one, and another one...

Today I fell to my knees in the soft dirt,
and asked God to send me an angel.

Today I imagined what it would've been like,
if that last prayer had come true.

Today as I wandered back home I found myself missing that heaven-on-earth place already,
and wished I would've brought my camera.

Today I knew that such a thing wasn't meant to be buried with me in my pocket,
For I'm not quite ready to share it.

No, not yet.

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  1. Today.. you got a wood tick from all your wilderness wandering.. :)