May 21, 2010

So Baby, Run.

Entry Status: Just got off the plane from Winnipeg to Edmonton, currently waiting to board to Abbotsford, BC.
If it means listening to George Strait- "Run" on repeat, being artistically productive, and fueling my body with Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino's...then I think I could honestly live in an airport for the rest of my life.
Some people wouldn't be able to handle traveling or flying by themselves, but this solitude is beautiful. And with my laptop packed away deep inside my luggage bag (who knows where the heck it is right now?) and my cell phone turned off and tucked away inside my drawer back at home, I feel like I can concentrate for the first time in a long time. For once I'm not waiting for a text, a message, or a call. The only thing I'm waiting for currently is my 9:30 AM boarding call.
I feel very much at peace right now. I have my iPod in while overlooking Edmonton and its moist grey skies. Having lived in BC for nine months caused me to fall in love with the rain, so I am loving it.
I think that I should do this more often...this whole traveling thing. Can I just get paid for this? ...please?
A few random thoughts going through my head:
Country music makes me so, so very happy.
This whole Israel trip hasn't hit me yet. I keep forgetting why I'm even in this airport.
My suitcase was 3 pounds from being considered "over-sized". Whoops...
I feel like I forgot something at home...
Within these past two days, I have gotten less than 6 hours of sleep.
I feel slightly sick. Too much Starbucks, perhaps?
"The Last Song" is a great book so far.
I feel like a tool wearing a red sweater with my red purse. This was unintentional. Somebody please call the fashion police.
I am tempted to "accidentally" hop on the plane to New York City.
I have thee greatest parents in the world. I owe them way too much.
I don't feel so great without any makeup on, but these Hollister jeans make it all OK.
God is good.
Last night I had to say goodbye to my niece of 16 months, not knowing the next time I'll ever see her again. I hope she remembers that I give the best kisses.
I am actually pretty delirious right now, I need sleep.

This is what gets done in the absence of laptops and cellphones:

I'm currently at Charmaine's place, and we're leaving for Israel in the morning! I am way too excited/exhausted. Here's hoping today flies by!
Oh, and apparently my home town is supposed to get a thunderstorm today? Not even cool! I'm very jealous right now.


  1. aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JENNI! you HAVE To take BILLIONS of pictures of EVERYTHING! i'm so green with jealous envy right now. I Wish i was still young and going on a sick adventure right now. getting older sucks. i don't know why you want to do it so fast. (referring to your last post) you better enjoy your CURRENT years while you can, before you know it, you'll be 24 and wondering what happened to your life. call it a midlife crisis. don't be so eager for the future, it'll always be there. ask God to SLOW life down. anyways... have a great time!!!!! i miss you so much!

  2. Those jeans have a place in my heart ♥