May 22, 2010

Vancouver to Toronto

Status: It's 11 PM, and I'm sitting in the Toronto airport, waiting to head to Tel Aviv.
Last night at Charmaine's house we all watched Iron Man right before bed. For me, bed time came about ten minutes into the movie, haha. Ridiculous, I know. But you can't blame me. I was so sleep deprived. Anyway, that night I had the most amazing sleep. I deserved it after all. Maybe I should just starve myself of sleep every other night, it seems to work wonders for the next sleep.
So today in the Vancouver airport I ate fries for the first time in like...4 months. I didn't feel so great after. Whoops.
On the plane from Vancouver to Toronto, I looked beside me to find that this girl was reading "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. So, testing out the waters of my social capabilities, I held up my own Nicholas Sparks novel "The Last Song" and said, "great author, eh?" ...Wow...describing it now, it sounds like some kind of lame awkward pick-up line. But it was an awesome conversation at the time. You should've been there...
Speaking of Nicholas Sparks, I watched "Dear John" on my personal tv screen, and cried a little. Just a little.
Speaking of death and turbulence, every time the seatbelt sign flashes on and the plane begins to go up and down in an annoying matter, the first thing that pops into my head is, "I'M GONNA DIE." And then I quickly read through my mental list of all the things I'd like to accomplish on this earth before I die (it's a great list by the way), can I blame my weirdness on sleep-deprivation like I usually do? Or...

Leaving Charmaine's house for the Vancouver Airport! We are excited.

The sun did cool things that morning. It had a rainbow circling the whole thing! Coooooool.

I think I want to keep this ticket forever! I mean, it's not everyday that a person hops on a plane to Tel Aviv, Israel. And as you can tell I'm in the middle middle of the plane, nice and cozy. :)

So, I apologize for the most boring blog entry ever. Iron Man and french fries? Really? So in return, I will take this time to thank all of you who chose to follow me on this grand adventure! I really really appreciate every ounce of feedback, even if I may not reply. So thanks for all of the prayers and support!

Love Jenny!

P.s- I was in the process of writing a super awesome blog entry for the day of May 23rd, but then I found out that my laptop is about to die in T-Minus 3 minutes. I know what you're saying, just plug it in so it can charge! See...that's the problem, I think I bought the wrong adapter... So will I ever be able to write another blog entry? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I think I'll have to continue on good old pen and paper for now. Talk soon!

1 comment:

  1. Are you serious....wrong adapter?
    Couldn't you borrow one?
    We will be SO deprived.....!
    Now you will have to mail postcards everyday.

    We're all tucked in bed (well, I will be in a minute) and you are on the bus for the first day of sightseeing and shopping! Exciting!

    Love you and miss you, but we ARE enjoying your niece.