March 31, 2010


Remember a few days ago I wrote that I suddenly found myself buying protein bars at the bookstore? Well....

I found a new interest. It's not really new, it's just rekindled, one might say.

It all started a few weeks ago when I thought to myself, "Wow, I really really really want long hair."

And that was the day I officially decided that having hair down to my waist was in my future, and in stone.

After a few minutes had gone by, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is really taking a long time. I wonder if there's anything I can do to speed up the process..."

You should have seen me that night, googling "how to grow long hair" in as many different phrases and word-orders possible. I soon found out that exercise, plenty of sleep, treating your hair like a fragile piece of fine lace (quit with the steaming hot irons, people!) , and diet are key factors. (Nutrients from vegetables, and high amounts of protein)

And since then I've been hooked on eating healthy. I eat sooo many vegetables, it's not even funny. (Broccoli especially). And I eat alot of meat now, like grilled chicken for basic protein. (my parents will be so proud!!) For extra protein I now put Whey Protein in my daily Jugo Juices, which makes it taste even better than it did before, no joke! And this Jugo Juice concoction contains over 5 servings of fruit. How magical is that??

Oh and did I mention that taking my Women's One-A-Day, Vitamin C, and Silica tablets are the highlight of my day? Mmm... :)

Apparently the secret to hair growth, along with the secret to any other desired bodily function is simply, be healthy.

So in conclusion, my "new" interest lies near the basics of Nutrition. Maybe I should be a nutritionist. Haha...

Hooray for Protein bars!


  1. Jenni! I'm impressed! Good luck in your hair growing adventures!! I saw a girl at the Super Walmart today who did have hair past her butt. It looked like a rope because it had ponytails at every 6 inches or so. But it was crazy long!!!! So, yeah, have fun! Are you going to keep coloring it too?

  2. YOU EAT MEAT??????????????????? what on earth! and you didn't even think to tell me???!?! protein also helps build muscle. be careful or you might look like a chicken catcher once did that we both know... :) I love you Leo. just kidding. you were always hot. and all the boys liked you. i remember when i was younger i wanted all the boys to like me like they all seemed to like you. and then they did. and then i didn't want them to anymore cuz it was annoying. but now only one boy likes me and it is good.

    Jenni you're hot too! and all the boys like you too.