February 2, 2016

My February First.

My February of 2016 has started out with a BANG, as I had a job interview! Ever since things started slowly down at work in October, I've been casually browsing online job postings.
Then in January, we purchased a second vehicle and gave a nice warm welcome to a CAR LOAN. Yeehaaaw! (Hello second car; Goodbye hard-earned money. :P ) Truthfully, the pros to Jarryd and I each having our own car outweigh the cons. It's a HUGE blessing to us.

Since then, I've really stepped up the job hunt. Practically everyday in January had been dedicated to cover letters, resumes, and condescending self-talks of dang-I-should-have-gone-to-school-for-accounting-what-was-I-thinking-when-I-went-for-a-Social-Sciences-degree-and-a-Culinary-certificate?! *laughing tears*

Low and behold, on that fateful Friday (last Friday), I received a phone call from an employer telling me that my resume was, in his words not mine, "impressive". :O And then the interview date was set!

I was so stinkin' nervous for it too; and as per usual, whenever I'm nervous about something the night-before is always the worst! I had about 50 different hallucinations/nightmares of different scenarios of how my interview could possibly go wrong. (I sleep in, car doesn't start, I walk in slow motion--don't you hate those slow motion dreams?!)

Post-interview I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy at the mall. I found that beautiful floral shirt for only $9.99! (Nan-nanty-nan? Nan-nanty-nan...) I'm pretty sure my pursuit of floral-anything-and-everything will never cease. It's so pretty!!

Also, I have Instagram again! I know, life is full of surprises isn't it? Feel free to follow me. I think you should. In fact, I would love it! Let's be friends! I can keep you updated on all the mundane and uninteresting things that happen in my life. Haha! :)


  1. You hate math, why would you have gone to school for accounting if you hate math? Silly Jen. Believe it or not, there are only a few careers that people will always need access to.
    1. trades of all kinds
    2. food related services.
    3. medical services
    If the computers were to crash and businesses failed, the last thing people would need is an accountant. People always need to eat!

    1. Haha! So true! The world will always need cooks and hairdressers!

  2. Cute outfit! And I'll be crossing my fingers for you landing that new job.

    1. Thank you Candace!! :) I appreciate that! Job interviews can be so nerve wracking. I'll keep you posted.