January 31, 2016

January's End.

The month of January ended just swimmingly!

Of course I worked all weekend (what else is knew?), but on Sunday my workplace didn't have any guests scheduled for lunch, which meant I got to leave at 10 AM! Which meant, that yes, I could go to church with my husband!

WOW! (!!!)

Going to church together as a couple has been quite a foreign concept since I started this job--10 months ago.
Last December we started attending a new church, and between my work schedule and our Christmas trip to Canada, we've been going as often as we can! We love it!
It truly felt awesome being able to attend church and not have to worry about rushing home so I can quickly get changed and go work the lunch and dinner shift. (You don't know how great Sundays are until they get snatched from you--so to my readers who are lucky enough, enjoy them for me!!)

So after the church service, we realized: HEY! The snow is melting (remember Winter Storm Jonas Bro?), the sun is shining, and we are free as birds today! Let's go somewhere new!

Actually, it wasn't WE who said this, it was me. Therefore, I take full credit for our awesome Sunday adventure. With a little help from Yelp and Zomato, we picked out a restaurant in Lancaster, PA.
I love Pennsylvania. The drive through Amish Country never fails to be absolutely stunning. AND we saw over 10 horse and buggies! (We made a game of it, 'cuz why not?)
Yes, that silo is filled with their own house-made beer.
Isn't even just the sign beautiful in itself?
We got to sit right next to the brewers which was an atmospherical experience.
For $9.00 we got to try 6 (5 oz) glasses of different beers that they brew. (What a deal!) It was super fun tasting them all and deciding on our favourites--and least favourites. Surprisingly, I liked the Strawberry Wheat beer (I was shocked that I actually loved it)! And as for my least favourite, it was probably the Imperial Jo Espresso Stout. But for real, beer that is delivered to you on a paddle? Yes please.
My mushroom, caramelized onion, and ricotta pizza.
We also ordered Firecracker Shrimp which was so absolutely amazing that we inhaled it before I could even take a photo. Oopsie. :D
My hott date! He appears all calm and serious here, but the whole time he was actually such a goof. Baha! :)
OK, this caramel pecan pie was ALL Jarryd's idea. I had nothing to do with it. But it was oh so tasty!
After. Also, take note: they have copper topped tables. COPPER. I love it!

We then ended the date with a George Strait sing-a-long in the car ride home. Ahhh, country.

This was honestly one of the most fun dates we've ever had, probably because it was the first date we'd been on in WAY too long. Cozying up on the couch binging on Gilmore Girls just doesn't count anymore. 
It was such an awesome Sunday afternoon, and we both cannot wait to go back to Lancaster Brewing Company!! I encourage everyone to go on dates! Drive out to new cities and try new restaurants! As long as you've got some good company with you, it's totally worth the splurge. :)

Toodles, January! You were snowy, adventurous, and fun! :)


  1. hey, Where'd his beard go?

    1. (That is all you have to say?! Pff!) But to answer your question, it's GONE and hopefully gone for a loooong time. :) Hee hee! Good riddance, I say!