December 1, 2015

My Top Ten Favourite Taylor Swift Songs.

This is the blog post you have all been waiting for, right?!
This is also a blog post I am hesitant to even publish because it has truly unleashed my inner teeny-bopper, which is only slightly embarrassing...

This list is one that I have spent all last month compiling and simultaneously taking a little too seriously. I mean, who has the time?! Apparently I do...
Alot of energy goes into compiling a list such as this one. First, you have to listen to all of Taylor's songs. Well, not all of them because the Christmas ones simply do not count. She didn't even write them...sooo yeah.

And while listening to each song you have to be fully conscious of the ones that tug the hardest at your heart strings, which songs have the best written lyrics, or which songs you can't stop playing on repeat just because they sound so dang good. Trust me when I say that this list took alot longer to make than expected, because there were certain songs I just didn't have the heart to push ">>" but kept pressing "<<" instead.

So, after nine years of Taylor Swift music infatuation (understatement?), I have finally decided on my top ten favourite songs. Choosing the top twenty was easy peasy. Choosing my LEAST favourites was even easier!! But deciding on the exact order of the top ten was HARD. Even right now as I type this paragraph I am still second guessing the order of some songs. But here we ago anyway! Here's to impulse and gut-based decisions!

1. If This Was a Movie
(Speak Now)
This song totally reflects the view I had on love growing up. Love is supposed to be like the movies, right? You know, how the guy always comes back to his lady in the end, just before the credits start rolling. Yes, I may have watched too many romance movies growing up but half the fun was dreaming along with the leading lady. *blush*

2. Style
The beat is so so so good! And even though the music video didn't live up to my expectations IN THE LEAST BIT, this song is still amazing!

3. Come In With The Rain
"I'll leave my window open, 'cause I'm too tired at night to call your name, just know I'm right here hoping, that you'll come in with the rain".

4. Superstar
"You'll never see, you sing me to sleep every night from the radio".

5. All Too Well
"Well maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much but maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'till you tore it all up". Oh Jake, how could you?

6. Blank Space
Satire at its finest! And the music video is also one of her best, in my opinion of course. This one is also mine and Jarryd's favourite song to blast in the car together. We have a whole routine where I sing "I got alotta of Starbucks lovers" and he gets annoyed at me. Super fun. ;)

7. Cold As You
(Taylor Swift)
"You put up walls and paint them all a shade of grey,
And I stood there loving you and wished them all away.
And you come away with a great little story,
of a mess of a dreamer, with the nerve to adore you".

8. The Other Side Of The Door
"I said 'leave', but all I really want is you, to stand outside my window throwing pebbles screaming 'i'm in love with you'". Us women love to say things we don't really mean...Ha!

9. Stay Beautiful
(Taylor Swift)
"You're beautiful, every little piece, love. And don't you know, you're really gonna be someone, ask anyone". <3

10. Forever and Always
Oh my goodness. This song was my own personal anthem in my high school years. No, not the most uplifting, but it was the perfect angsty song to get me through my angsty broken-hearted days. ;)

In conclusion, you can see that I have at least one favourite song from each album! I thought that was pretty cool! Also, most of my favourite songs come from the album "Fearless" which is funny because her "Fearless" tour was my one and only T.S concert experience. (Not to mention, it was also the year of her best hair! Am I right or what?!).

{An old photo from 2011. I ask myself now in 2015: "would I buy a Taylor Swift calendar now"? Ha! Not a chance!}
I just know I'm gonna get a bunch of flack for some of my choices or perhaps even my lack of choices...

Flacker: How could you not put "I Knew You Were Trouble" on your list?!
Me: Because that song is the worst. That's why.
Flacker: What about Bad Blood? I am so offended that this didn't make the cut.
Me: Ew. And as for the music video, I can't support that kind of thinking!

Case closed. :)
Now that you know MY favourite T.S songs, what are some of YOUR favourite T.S songs?!
Or do you even have any?!
Or better yet, which is your least favourite? ;)
Tell me everything!


  1. I'm going to send this to her. I hope she responds and is one of the flackers

    1. I think she will appreciate my opinions. And maybe she will think to herself, hmmm, perhaps I did go a little too far when I wrote I Knew You Were Trouble... :P

    2. haha how fun would that be. And then you'd be an internet sensation and maybe even T-Swifts new best friend. She can come hang out with us at Christmas time.