February 20, 2013

Blog Reno's!

It is 3 AM and I have officially completed my blog renovation! I am so incredibly excited about this {but not so excited about the major lack of sleep part}. I have been on an--unintentional--blog hiatus and I felt like this was the best way to inspire myself to be the avid blogger I once was! We'll see how long that lasts... haha.

A few random facts about the visuals you see before you;
The title of my blog..."Forever and Always", was originally named after my favourite Taylor Swift song back in 2009 when I first started this whole thing. But now over the years, the phrase has aspired to a much deeper meaning. It's about God and how He will exist Forever and Always, and how He will love us Forever and Always. I want this blog to be less about me and more about Him, but at the same time I know He still can use me & the events in my life to glorify Him...and I just simply want to be a light.

The colour...Tiffany's blue! Sigh... only my boyfriend will understand my obsession with this colour. {Hee hee!} But seriously now, it IS a gorgeous colour! Also, you'll notice some pink hearts and pink font; baby pink is my favourite colour ever...even more-so than Tiffany's blue. Just saying.

My background...anchors! I love anchors and all things nautical and East-Coasty! They make me feel happy, like I can almost feel the sunshine kissing my shoulders and smell the sea-salt in the air...like I'm living in the almost-predictable setting of a Nicholas Sparks book. {Too bad I live miles from any ocean!} I also felt that the anchors went well with my blog description...

My blog description..."for in Him 'I have a hope, an anchor of the soul, firm and secure' -Hebrews 6:19. This is an amazing verse that can be found in The Bible, which pretty much states that in this rocky/scary/crazy/unpredictable/not-so-pretty world that we live in, Jesus is the one thing that is CONSTANT, RELIABLE, and SECURE. We can trust in Him because He will never change, nor will He ever leave us. <3

Well, thanks for reading! It is time I let myself sleep after these long and gruesome hours of hard laptop labour. Good night! :)

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