January 23, 2012


Sarcasm is a dangerous thing to toy with.

At first it's funny. Then after the ten thousandth "joke" it just gets annoying, and you're no longer a funny mystery to the rest of us.

I used to have a lot of friends who had a sarcastic sense of humour and now I just can't stand it.

People who are known as sarcastic people use it as a defence mechanism.

"The best defence is a good offence"-- that's exactly what sarcasm is. It's hidden truth. People say things sarcastically so that they can get their point across in a subtle way without appearing to be harsh.

I'm genuinely sad for the people who use their sarcasm to hide what they're truly feeling.

But the truth is, sarcasm hurts more than the straight-up truth.

So let's just be honest with each other and avoid all the wasted effort that's put into these defences, because using sarcasm as a way of communicating is not progressive in nature at all and provides zero growth for any relationship; whereas the truth and honesty will build relationships strong!

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