January 25, 2012

Kids Kids Kids.

It's been a good couple of days since my not-so-fun weekend. Last night me, along with 3 other college students volunteered to babysit the school's faculty children while the parents were at an appreciation dinner. At first we were a little worried because like four other helpers weren't able to make it. And then we found out there were more kids than expected: 35!! (That's ALOT OF KIDS!)

But it was awesome! We ran around playing like 10 different versions of tag, lazy lions, story-time, made bead necklaces, coloured, and went on trips to the bathroom together.

I came home -almost 4 hours later, mind you- and I felt good. An evening spent helping and serving is definitely an evening well spent! And I know that parents very much appreciate when they get to go out and not have to worry about their kids--they were SO thankful for our help! I'm definitely going to wait like 10 years after I get married to have children--I want some time alone with my man! :)

This whole experience reminded me of how much I love children. Ages 3-11 is such a beautiful time of life. Each child is so different and has so much personality. I love their innocence and how they'll laugh at just about anything. I miss being a kid, when my biggest worry revolved around one of my pencil crayons breaking. Yes, it was simple being a kid, but I like where I'm at now...21 is growing on me.

And this morning after my workout at the gym of course, I even practiced piano for the first time in over 2 years! I'm so glad I'm taking lessons again. I'm playing a song from The Notebook (the main theme). It's sooooo beautiful! Slow, flowy, and pretty songs are definitely my favourite to play.

I am happy. It's +6 outside, the sun is shining, the sidewalks are no longer icy (I had an unfortunate wipe=out this morning), and tuna is oh so good!

❤ ❤ ❤

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