December 29, 2011

Friends Who Love.

"Theheartfelt counsel of a FRIEND is as sweet as perfume and incense" -Proverbs 27:9

Friends. Friends are absolutely incredible. I have missed these friends. You know you have been blessed with great people in your life when...

:: you leave their house and you are feeling fantastically encouraged; you get into your car and end up blasting the PRAISE station the entire way home, feeling like nothing could ever bring you down.

:: you're sitting together at the coffee house, just in complete awe of how amazing Jesus is. "Think about your favourite person here on the earth...think about the person you love more than anything and anyone...the person who makes you laugh and smile like nobody else. Jesus is like that person, only an infinite amount of times BETTER."

:: you bond over Taylor Swift's Speak Now concert DVD, singing at the top of your lungs.

:: you can talk about those problems in the past that were once so hard to deal with...all the fights, the bad relationships, and the bad choices, all-the-while now wearing a smile on your face.

:: the talking lasts for hours...when it only feels like minutes.

:: you both inspire one another to do better, to set -small- goals, to move on, and to keep on trusting in the Lord with EVERYTHING.
God has been good to me, and He has blessed me with the most amazing friends ever! It's gonna be hard going back to school 7 hours away and not taking these girls with me, but God puts certain people in my life in certain places for certain reasons.

God, thank you for sending me angels. You know exactly how I have been feeling these past few days, and you sent these girls to me to encourage, inspire, and remind me that I am LOVED.

❤ ❤ ❤

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