December 28, 2011


A great friend of mine just had her very first baby, so I went to go visit her in the hospital today.

As I entered into the hospital parking lot I saw the words EMERGENCY ROOM and saw a few ambulances outside the building. This caused me to realize...I don't actually like hospitals. This is weird...I'd rather not be here...I am creeped out for some reason...maybe I have seen to many movies and doctor shows...all I know is that I am expecting to see corpses being rolled down the hallway in stretchers and being passed by doctors with bloody hands. GAH. It just is funny that I never realized how much I disliked hospitals until today. (and it didn't help that we entered through the sketchy basement entrance either!!)

It was such an amazing experience for me though; before this I had never visited someone in the hospital after they had given birth, so it was a first time thing for me! And wow, was he the cutest baby EVER! Trust me, I didn't think it was even possible for babies to look so cute after emerging from the womb that soon! Haha!

When I saw the tiny baby in the father's arms I thought to myself: wow, how incredible would it be to hold something that you and your spouse created together? An actual human being composed of both your DNA's. He has his father's nose, and he has his mother's is just so amazing.

So I was in an emotional dreamland of: Hmm...a baby...I want one. UNTIL the brand-new-parents started talking about the whole 22 hour labour, c-section, epidural experience and I thought to myself: Hmm...a baby...NO WAY. Sounds absolutely horrible!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I fully believe that babies are definitely God's little miracles and that parenthood is absolutely wonderful and Biblical, but I also believe that there is a time for everything. And now is NOT the time for me to have a baby. One day...far, far, far, faaaaar away. :)

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