October 4, 2011

Spinach Pie.

Last weekend one of my good friends here at college and I baked a spinach pie together! And all I really can say about it is that it turned out AWESOME. I'm not the best cook out there, so for me to have created something like this and for it to have actually turned out, is a huge deal! And when we brought it to House-Church, it was a hit! There were no leftovers to be brought home, (it is bittersweet actually, because I would have liked to eat more than one piece, haha). Mmm...a flavourful mixture of chopped spinach, garlic, onions, and feta cheese between layers and layers of phyllo dough sprinkled with parmesan cheese on top. (that last part was my idea, thank you very much!)   :)


After! (excuse my awesome hair-do)

I think that I have finally found a church that I feel completely comfortable in and happy with. After 20 years of searching I have found it! My favourite part is after the church service, you have the option of going to a house-church of your choice. This is where the community breaks up into smaller groups by going to a house, indulging in a potluck of some sort, shares testimonies and prayer requests, and just has fellowship overall. I absolutely love it! I have made many friends through this intimate gathering!

So this last Sunday for our house-church, we had a pie themed potluck. So people brought pizza pie, garlic bread (pie), saskatoon-berry pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and of course, my spinach pie. It was so fun and delicious!

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful house-church you have provided me with. :)

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  1. I don't know how I feel about this spinach thing, therefore I think you should make me some ;)