September 16, 2011

College #3

This is me in my new dorm room (you see those flowers? I went for a jog one morning to be given those to for free from a wonderful lady who saved them from her wedding! See, exercising pays off!). Yes, that's right, you heard me; I am in college again.

(Summer treated me well by the way. My favourite part was being in Maryland and experiencing an earthquake AND a hurricane, all in the span of one week! Oh, and New York City was pretty cool too.)

The number one conversation I've had within the past week is: "so Jennifer, are you a freshman here?"

"Kinda, but not really; I'm more of what you call a 'transfer student'..."

*cue the wide eyes and high pitchy voice*

"OH COOL! Where'd you transfer from?!"

"Well, long story short. After high school I attended a prestigious Christian university in Western Canada. And then I decided to study at a small Bible school on the other side of the world, in Germany."

And now I am here...again at a Bible college, but this time I'm nowhere near the Pacific Ocean, the Rocky Mountains, German chocolate, Paris, or Spain.

In fact, I am surrounded by 10 wheat fields, a highway, a couple dirt roads, and a tree. I am in the middle of nowhere. Oh and better yet, I am car-less.

On a brighter note, I am taking some absolutely amazing courses with professors whom I absolutely love:

Foundations of Youth Ministry
Cultural Anthropology
Intro to Theology
History of Christianity
Psychology of Human Development: Children
American Literature of the 20th Century

Yes, you counted right, six courses. But honestly, school and studying are my element. I'm that girl who loves taking notes and writing down all her assignments in her day-planner and then spends every spare minute of her time in the library. I love it! If only I could get paid to do this...

What I also love is having my boyfriend (of 9+ months) here with me at college. I am so proud to say that we conquered long-distance, therefore, we are pretty much capable of anything. :) :)

During the first week of school I had a audition for the college's choir. A few days later I found out that the audition went pretty well apparently, not only was I accepted into the choir, but I had a callback to also join the more so-called "elite" smaller choir. That was cool news, I mean, it was a decent self-esteem booster, but that's all it was. I didn't end up joining the choir and I didn't end up going to callbacks. Despite all the pressure I felt to join, I decided to call a rain check on that one. It may sound like nothing to you, but not joining the choir/s was the best thing I could have done for myself. For the first time ever I possessed a backbone and said a firm "no, thanks". Sure, I probably disappointed some people in my life, but I sure as heck didn't disappoint myself; I have complete confidence that God has other things in mind for me. And He has flooded my body and soul with His incredible peace. :)

Hmm. I am making all of it sound much easier than it really is. This third college experience of mine has been good. Yes. It has...but God is definitely testing me. (Notice the present-tense) Honestly, right now He is testing me in so many ways and I feel like it's more than I've ever been used to. Things have been good but it's also been hard. God is just telling me that I need to be patient, and that I need to trust in Him. To have patience and trust. Trust and patience. I may or may not elaborate on this day...maybe...

This morning I read the book of Philippians and I underlined and scribbled it like crazy. I recommend it.

Peace and Love!

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  1. I loved reading this, Jenni! That's alright if you're being tested though, it will help you to grow even more. :) I love you and miss you. I'll pray for ya.