August 17, 2011

My Blessing Jar.

Yesterday I was feeling artistic and had a desire to create something. Now, I've had an idea of creating something like this for probably 4 years now, but I just never felt quite enough inspired to make it. And it all began with an old glass jar. I gathered together some of my favourite pictures from the internet which make me SO happy every time I lay eyes on them (most come from of course!), printed those out, got some pink tissue paper, some tape, and an old pearl necklace that I never wear anymore.

I taped the pictures around the outside of the jar, along with some cut out hearts from cute pink, blue, and sea-foam green scrapbooking paper. I stuck the tissue paper underneath the lid of the jar, and then with a screwdriver stabbed a medium-sized hole into the lid.

Around the copper lid of the jar I taped a strip of paper with the following verse on it: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change." -James 1:17.

Now to bring all of your confusion to an end, this jar does have more of a purpose than just standing there  and lookin' pretty. I call it my Blessing Jar. So everyday when I look at this jar, I'll ask myself: "What has God blessed me with today?" Then I'll take a piece of paper, write down something that made me happy that day, or something that just meant alot to me, then I'll fold it up and drop it into the jar.

Lately I have just found myself focusing on the wrong things in life. I dwell on what's making me upset, causing me to think that life is out to get me, when really, I need to turn my thoughts toward the fact that every single day is a gift from God. If I truly believe that it is a gift, it makes it so much more easy to find the beauty in each day. And do you ever notice that it really is the little things in life that make you the happiest? Like the fact that the sun is shining right now feels like an incredible blessing from God to me!

With this jar I think it'll be cool to stumble upon it in a few years and to unscrew the lid only to have hundreds of little papers spilling out of it. And when you unfold all those little papers, you'd be reminded all over again of why you've been so blessed!

Here's how it turned out:

And as you can see, there's already a piece of paper inside the jar! My blessing that day was that I got to take one of my best friends out for dinner to celebrate her birthday, and it was an absolutely amazing time! :)

God bless!

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