August 15, 2011

A Lovely Weekend.

This weekend I was at an out-of-province wedding and I came out of the weekend with two highlights in mind.

1) At the last minute I was appointed as "official videographer" for the wedding. It wasn't anything major; I mean, it's not like I was using an AK-HC3500 to film (ohhh but how nice that would've been!) was just a little digital camcorder WITHOUT a tripod, might I add. (talk about tired arms and cramping hands) But that's besides the point. I just really enjoyed it. The thought of me being able to capture the beautiful moments that pass by so quickly, like the facial expressions, smiles, laughs, and's just entirely magical! And I think that EVERYONE deserves to have their very own wedding video. Everyone deserves to sit themselves down on the couch with their sweetie after being married 50 years and watch on the tv the day they thought they loved each other the most they ever could. To me, having a video of that special day is a must. I know that when I get married, a good videographer is at the top of the list. (yes, higher than the overpriced-white-dress-that-you-only-wear-once-in-your-life, and WAY higher than the photographer! Let me tell you, I could definitely write a whole blog entry on my ideal wedding...)

Anyway, I've been making videos and editing them for a few years now and I absolutely love it! It's one of those hobbies that just make me lose complete track of time. And the college I'm attending in the fall offers a video production course and the idea of tackling this class makes me feel anxious and excited...hmmm... :)

2) On the way home from the wedding, I was in a van with 4 of my aunties and uncles. And honestly, it was an amazing seven hours. First of all, we all have the same sense of humour--the...uhh...inappropriate-jokes-that-I-will-never-repeat were endless. And second of all, they tell the BEST stories. Since they're my Dad's siblings, I got to hear all about their growing up years--which brother was the meanest, which brother was the favourite, and which sister never ever stopped banging on that annoying piano. Despite all the laughter, we had some serious talks too. It was interesting hearing their perspective on some events that had happened in my own childhood. When I arrived home to my doorstep, I couldn't help but feel so blessed to have such great family in my life.

Yes, it was a lovely weekend. Thank you, Jesus! :)

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