June 30, 2011


Have you ever been in one of those situations where you know, you just KNOW that this is exactly what God wants you to do? I mean, the fact that God has paved such a clear-as-day road to where you're supposed to be...there's no getting around it, there's no off-roading this time!
Let me explain here. A few days ago, I was planning on driving to Saskatchewan with my sister's family to help them move to a different house. But the morning of, when we were all getting ready to leave there was something inside of me telling me that I needed to stay home.
I honestly had no idea why...I didn't know anything would come of it. I was actually kicking myself because I thought I only wanted to stay home just so I could have the whole house to myself (which is...partly true, haha). I thought my only intention for staying home was for selfish reasons.
The next day I have one of my best friends over and she slips in the question, "by the way, what are you doing next week?" I look at my schedule. Nothing. Nada. Blank. Zero. I have absolutely NOTHING planned for that entire week. "Why?" I ask.
Papers are then filled out, 2 items of identification are needed, more papers are filled out, criminal record checks are done, and the next thing you know I am now in possession of this:

That's right. For one week, I'm going to be a counsellor at a Bible camp in Ontario!! What's awesome is that I'll be working with girls of the exact age group I love working with, and what's even more awesome is that I may be able to return for more weeks if I want to, even if it is just helping out in the kitchen or something.
And now you're wondering, well what does this have to do with knowing that this is exactly what God wants you to do? See, before I was asked to become a counsellor, I got a message from my last and only hope for a summer job that they are already full on staff. By having the answer to whether or not I'd be working at this job, which was a NO, I was able to say YES to working at camp! I mean, what if this other job would have hired me? Then I would have had to turn the camp thing down, which would have really sucked. And honestly, what are the odds that that whole week I had nothing up? That never happens!
Being a counsellor at camp is always something I have secretly wanted to do, I just had no drive to make the effort and just do it! But here, I had my best friend helping me every step of the way with everything and it has all been very easy so far so I know that this was meant to be! Even my getting my criminal record check was a breeze! Wow.
It's my first time ever doing something like this and I'm very excited and kinda nervous at the same time. Anybody have any advice or tips for me? :)

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    You are definitely one of my bestestest friends! :D
    And it was my pleasure to have helped you with everything :). I could not think of any better way to have spent my time! We are going to have the most amazing week EVER!

    Thank you, Jesus, for Jennifer Anne. :)