December 30, 2010

These Last Three Months Were A Dream...

Since I haven't been able to upload photos on here for awhile, I decided to take all of my favorite memories, moments, and highlights of the past three months in Germany and post them here, complete with captions! (this could be a LONG entry folks, I've had alot of good memories...) I hope you enjoy browsing through the life of a curly-haired, free-spirited, God-fearing, food-loving, never-gonna-settle-down,  woman! :)

 When I first got to Germany and was wandering alone, I ended up being a part of some street guy's magic show. It involved me throwing fire-lit torches at him whilst he was balancing on a unicycle. (go figure) I made 5 Euros. :)
The very first day I got to school a random group of us biked into town--it's amazing looking back and remembering how we didn't know anything about each other; all we were really confident about was that God had brought us into each others lives for a reason.
 This is the backyard of my beautiful school, back when it was warm and sunny!
 At night a bunch of us ran into the cold, cold lake--at the time, we barely knew each others names.
 Chocolate face masks!!
 Ohh baby. Rittersport chocolates were honestly a part of my daily diet. (I quit that now...)
 After filling Jessica's door with post-it notes...
 She pranked me back by saran-wrapping my bed. This is WAR.
 The German flea markets = Awesome!
 Germany is so clean, except, they don't use doggy-bags while walking their dogs. Henceforth, I stepped in dog crap.
 See that path? Yeah, I hiked that. In the Swiss Alps.
 We made it to the summit! (And yes, that IS a real bird in the background! Adds to the whole inspirational aspect of it eh?) This was an exhausting hike, the most challenging one yet, but reaching the top was hands down the BEST feeling. I remember trying to take in all the landscape around me, sweat dripping in my eyes and thinking, "looking at this, how could you not believe in God? These mountains are a mere reflection of his beauty, his wonder, and his MAJESTY!"
 International night at school. These are all my fellow Canadians!
 A spontaneous and random dance party erupted one Sunday evening--it was nothing short of an awesome, sweaty, and incredible time.
 Everytime there was a birthday in our 10-room, we stole cactus's and and other plants from the school's window sills, pillows from the lounge, and food from the dining hall and created a Birthday party extravaganza in our room! :)
Hiking up to castle Neuschwanstein! (The Disneyland Castle!)
 The most random photoshoot in the world. But oh so much fun.
 I live for french-fry pizza.
 Running the 10K race. Wow, I still can't believe I was capable of this.
 Our awesome carved pumpkin! But it obviously couldn't beat the E.T one.
 Seniors Bingo Night!!
 My sing-team singing for the group of 14 year olds that stayed at our school one weekend. What a great weekend!
 Sarah, Jessica and I stumbled upon this cute little tea-shop in Meersburg. It was here where we fell even more in love with each other. :)
 I'll never forget all those nights with our mattresses on the floor!
 After cleaning the tea-kitchen (my work duty) we brought in the stereo and rocked out.
 My 10-room photoshoot. I LOVE these girls!
 Swedish night at school!
 Swedish dinner. Mmm...there's nothing like swedish meatballs and potatoes.
 Sarah and I would find unlocked laptops in the lecture hall and change their desktop backgrounds to normal stuff like this.
 Painting a picture for The Crossing. It made me miss high school art class!
 I honestly live in a winter wonderland.
 One of the many cuddle-puddles.
 We found a merry-go-round. :D
 Brandi and I singing Taylor Swift for open-mic night. Haha
 The Christmas market in Stuttgart. You don't even know how wonderful it is! As soon as you step off the bus you smell Christmas in the air!
 So. German.
 I fell in love with Berliner's from the German bakeries. Judging by my waist, I think I fell a little too much in love...
 On St. Nikolaus day (the 6th of December) we all put our shoes outside of our door...
 To find them filled with chocolate, oranges, and German Christmas cookies!!
 Yes, I went to Paris and saw the Eiffel tower. Not gonna lie, I slipped a headphone in my ear and played "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift. I wanted to sing to the Eiffel tower: "It was enchanting to meet youuuuuuuu!"
 My whole school sang outside at the Christmas market in Friedrichshafen. It was here where I ultimately had one of those moments where you just stop and smile and wish that it would never end. I really couldn't wipe the smile from my face. :)
 Drinking gluwein at the Christmas markets. (it's a hot red wine) and keeping to just one is a good idea...bahah
 All 108 of us miraculously fit on stage at our Christmas concert.
 Singing for the Christmas concert--honestly one of the best things I could have ever done for myself.
 Our last night at the Bode before Christmas break--straight hair and J-signs. :)

I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am to have experienced all of this. The past three months had its ups and downs (thankfully more ups than downs), but coming home for Christmas really made me realize how much I love my school. All I can do is thank God for everything he's done in my life. Who knows what second semester will hold? :)

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